hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Medically Supervised Diet Plans, Leading to Healthier Pregnancies, Safer Deliveries and Happy Babies

Being overweight or obese can affect pregnancy, causing complications for mother and baby. Diet Doc combines sensible diet plans with powerful prescription hCG leading to natural, safe weight loss, healthier pregnancies and happier babies.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWire) -- 11/25/2013 --Diet Doc believes that all women should know that being overweight or obese can cause serious complications during pregnancy and delivery. The more overweight mom is, the greater the risk for complications. Overweight mothers are far more apt to suffer high blood pressure and preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, complications during childbirth, miscarriage and even stillbirth. Many of these conditions can lead to the mother giving birth pre-term, putting the newborn at risk for serious complications. In addition, children of obese mothers are at an increased risk of being obese themselves during childhood and even into adulthood. Before considering beginning a family, prospective mothers should be in good health themselves. Consider consulting with a physician and losing excess weight prior to becoming pregnant to assure the safest pregnancy possible for Mom and baby.

Learning to make healthy food choices requires education, commitment and self-control. Diet Doc lends each patient the knowledge of their specially educated and board certified doctors, nurses and nutritionists, all passionate about smoothly guiding each patient into a future of improved health by learning to eat sensibly. Losing excess weight and making a healthy lifestyle change prior to considering pregnancy can lead to future generations avoiding countless weight related diseases and conditions.

Women who want to lose unwanted and unhealthy excess weight before becoming pregnant are encouraged to call the professionals at Diet Doc, the nation’s leader in natural, safe, and fast weight loss. Each woman will complete a detailed medical evaluation during which a Diet Doc physician reviews a number of factors, including age, gender, lifestyle, and medical history. Each woman’s entire system is reviewed, enabling the physicians to identify and resolve any obstacles that may hinder healthy and fast weight loss. Sensible diet plans that are uniquely designed to be compatible with each woman’s specific nutritional, medical and lifestyle needs are strategically created by certified nutritionists. The personalized diet plans are healthy and satisfying and incorporate a wide range of delicious and nutritious food choices, sustaining the patient’s interest, while the fast weight loss provides motivation.

Diet Doc’s 100% pure prescription hCG naturally signals the brain to target stores of fat that have been trapped in the cells of the body to be released into the bloodstream and used as the body’s primary source of energy. The result is natural, safe, successful,and fast weight loss without side effects.

Each woman’s weight loss journey is medically supervised and progress is monitored during scheduled weekly checkup calls. This level of personalized, one-on-one interaction enables weight loss plateaus to be identified and adjustments to be made in the prescription hCG diet plans.

One of the first fast weight loss companies to join the new revolution in healthcare, Diet Doc makes the opportunity to lose weight available to women in even the most remote locations of the country. Simply by dialing the phone or logging onto the computer, women can successfully achieve weight loss goals from the comfort of their own home. To further add to the convenience of this revolutionized new diet plan concept, videoconferencing eliminates the need for costly and time consuming follow-up visits to weight loss clinics.

Women now have the opportunity to assure that their important assets, their children, are afforded the best opportunity for a long and healthy life and to avoid suffering from future weight related diseases, by losing excess fat by following Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diet plans, before becoming a mother. Diet Doc has made their prescription hCG diet plans more effective, as well as more convenient, making life-changing weight loss and a healthier future easily obtainable and within reach of every prospective mother.

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