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Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWire) -- 11/29/2013 --The Old School New Body is a phenomenal book written by Steve and Becky Holman that focuses on physical training as the most effective way to get the body quickly into desired shape and simultaneously, retain the youthful fitness for people of different ages. This book is based on an old fashioned but more efficient training methodology founded on the principles of hard work for lesser hours. The focus 4 exercise protocol (F4X) is inbuilt in this training methodology to produce quick and visible outcomes. There are three different phases describes in Old School New Body that can relate to people of different ages, body shapes, and fitness level. Based on that, a person can chose the appropriate phase and continue his or her workout to produce the preferred results.

Of all the different kinds of anti aging programs consisting of different diet plans and workout schedules, Old School New Body is undoubtedly one of the best. Unlike all other anti-aging and weight loss programs which actually stress on planning a low fat diet plan and hours long boring work out plans, Old School New Body does not force any individual to give up low fat or neither follow a boring diet plan. In fact, Old School New Body asks individuals to follow simple five steps to look 10 years younger than they already are and believe it or not, these steps really work. The best thing about this program that it doesn't ask the masses to actually consume anything artificial or even use any anti aging cosmetics, which makes it a standalone product and different from all the available anti-aging program that are currently available in the market.

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In Old School New Body, there are some facts related to physical exercises while the rest are going to surprise all the readers for sure. Let’s talk about the surprising steps first. First of these three steps asks all its users to forget consuming a low fat diet and don’t be careful about it at all, The main reason behind saying all that is, the people behind Old School New Body believes that fats help the body regenerate power hormones in the body hence they are supposed to be consumed and not be feared. Second, the program also stresses on drinking as much water as its users can and to be specific they should at least drink 10 ounces of water each day. As it can, alone, bring a positive change to an individual’s face and body and overall appearance in just a matter of weeks. Third, people shouldn't blame others for being overweight or look older than they already are. Instead of blaming, people should stay positive and happy because that can change a lot of things.

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What’s Inside Old School New Body?

Chapter 1 discusses how fat can be turned into tissue. Most people believe that they need to beat their bodies at the gym in order to get and stay in shape. However, according to Steve Holman, the key to getting muscle is to do sets that will not hurt any joints and short rests when doing sets. The chapter also highlights the difference between myofibrils and sarcoplasm which help burn body fat so that people can actually slim down or get leaner.

Chapter 2 actually gives readers their basic workout routine which is working out three times a week by doing squats, incline presses or pushups, bent over rows, and dumbbell upright rows. All of the main muscle groups in the body are targeted with this routine. Pictures are provided and commonly asked questions are answered.

Chapter 3 helps people identify the pains that they might feel in the joints. With that being said, Becky Holman talks about how people can exercise without contributing to joint pain and how to actually do it so that people won’t have to experience it.

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Chapter 4 helps find people to find the motivation to change and the commitment to do so. Learning to think positively will give a person the end results he already has in mind.

Chapter 5 reminds readers that lifting weights is not just for those who want to join weight lifting competitions and such. This chapter discusses that having muscles is one of the keys to burning fat. Interval cardio is defined and discussed in this chapter.

Chapter 6 takes a closer look into the life of Becky Holman. She shares her life story of battling with keeping the weight off and how she got herself to commit to exercise. Her top ten tips such as walking, drinking water often, and even having sex several times a week are in this chapter.

Chapter 7 may be the right chapter for those who feel a little bit pressured about taking the weight off in a faster amount of time. Steve Holman shares a workout that is also done three times a week that has several twists that can help committed individuals get the body that they desire faster. The program is targeted to work the muscles harder, boost hormone growth, and still give time to rest which is still used time that fat can burn.

Chapter 8 shows how dumbbells are an important element in exercising. Pictures and charts are included in this chapter which shares another program. One of the perks of this chapter is learning that having sore muscles after a workout actually does people some good.

Chapter 9 will help people get their facts right regarding food that is being eaten. This is a real eye opener on the effects of the food we choose on our bodies. But that’s not all; this chapter offers advice on how to eat healthier. It tackles food such as carbohydrates and educates readers on insulin in food and how many meals a person should eat.

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The Old School New Body program for body shaping and fitness is highly motivational for the very fact that it produces rapid optimum results. The men or women who devotedly follow their appropriately chosen program have to spend just 90 minutes a week and after 90 days they realize that it was a far better achievement than they could have ever imagined. There is a great Weight-age given to focus in this method of training. In this way, one is not lead to confusion at any given point of time. Certainly, gone are those days when the desired results were a farfetched dream.

Lets move on to physical remedies that Old School New Body suggests for losing fat and stopping the aging process. First, people should stop running if they are especially doing that for losing weight and stopping the aging process. This is because running normally doesn’t help that effectively to stop the aging process and therefore there are several smarter and easier ways to exercise to do so and that’s what the final and most important step consists of.

F4X training, yes, it is the Old School resistance training system. A secret and smart system of workout plan based on different smarter exercises that an individual truly need in order to look younger, stop the aging process and lose weight to say the least. This F4X training system is undoubtedly the highlight of Old School New Body program and is a combination of four specific exercises and that should be it. This program is effective and a real time saver as one can now get an ideal body in such simple steps and in just so little time of the workout.

Though the people behind Old School New Body have also made it very clear that this FX-4 Training isn’t for people who like to work out for hours or who likes to run their way to look younger and neither for those who are not ready to work not just hard but very hard for a shorter period of time. This revolutionary F4X Training is destined to bring a big change in the industry.

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Old School New Body is an effective anti aging and weight loss program consisting of five simple steps including the revolutionary F4X Training program.

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