The Mystery of the Three Packages: Fascinating Biography of Rev. Dr. Vashti McKenzie, the Woman Many Call 'Pope'

Known by many names, but largely as ‘the woman who shattered the stained glass ceiling’, Vashti McKenzie and her unique journey are chronicled in a new biography written by Pastor Emmanuel Mills. ‘The Mystery of the Three Packages’ examines McKenzie’s achievements, the adversities she faced growing up and the solid work ethic that has made her the ‘Pastor to Pastors’ around the world.

Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWire) -- 12/04/2013 --Millions of women across earth battle with the challenges imposed upon them by circumstance, by their family life, or simply by the constrictions of society. No stranger to these struggles, Vashti McKenzie is a testament to hard work and determination, having become the first clergywoman to sit on the podium with the hierarchy of the Pentecostal Church of God in the denomination’s history.

In a compelling new biography, ‘The Mystery of the Three Packages’, McKenzie’s early life is exposed, as well as her journey toward becoming ‘a universal steward for women among women.’


The book Mystery of the Three Packages focuses on the biography of Vashti McKenzie with reflections on her spiritual, educational and secular life. It also sheds light on how she attained successes and achievements through the help of an angel.

Vashti was fascinated by teaching in the early part of her life. Notwithstanding, it was later on in life after she had answered God’s call that she understood those nurturing abilities as ecumenical services. She is now seen by many as a pastor of pastors affectionately called “Pope”.

Vashti did not however earn this accolade on a silver platter. She was thrown out of a blissful home making her way into the Lord’s ministry in Clarendon, Jamaica. This nerve breaking experience occurred when she was seventeen, a time when no one gave women respect and recognition as preachers let alone universal steward.

At that age, she dreamt of making a significant impact in a male dominated society and desired to rise above the “injustices that confronted most women.” It is with this determination that she created and radically stirred change within her parish, which became the catalyst to igniting further significant changes both within the church and in her secular life. Vashti’s commitment to abolishing the female stereotypes, her accolades, and achievements both secularly and spiritually can only inspire this generation that they too can make a difference despite the obstacles they will face.

Like most leaders, the book has showcased challenges McKenzie faced in life, marriage in particular. There is no certainty about this; however she had wondered whether because marriage was not included in the mysterious three packages, it was not God’s will for her to enter into that institution. Had it been so, her marriage will still be intact considering the wonderful favours bestowed on her by the Ancient of Days.

She now has three doctorate degrees in Christian education, counselling and psychotherapy having a four million dollar property used for religious activities.

As the author, Pastor Emmanuel Mills explains, Vashti’s father had a different plan for her growing up.

“The theme for the book is the reason I live is Christ; the world tied to my apron. Vashti was so much blessed and graced with the attitude to inspire and encourage others to greater heights. Her father saw this early and interpreted the bright star on his daughter as qualities of a caring profession. He purported to raise her as a nurse. But it was not to be – she had a greater calling.”

Mills’ hope for the book is that readers will learn more about McKenzie’s rich and enthralling history, as well as discover the adverse affects of single parenthood in the Caribbean culture. The biography spotlights this growing problem, as well as the challenges many female ministers face in evangelical circles.

“This book addresses the adverse effect of single parenting in the Caribbean culture, a contribution to mitigating violence and crime among the youth. In the late 30’s the woman can hardly refuse the nocturnal temptations of their colonial masters or black lords. Those bold ones who attempted abstinence hardly survived. Reaching out with the gospel of Christ helped the fearing and obedient faithful ones,” Mills’ adds.

`The Mystery of the Three Packages` will be available in Amazon bookstores, Apple I, Kobo bookstores, Google E-bookstores and Friesen Press bookstores in early 2014.

About the Author: Rev. Dr. Vashti McKenzie
Rev. Dr. Vashti McKenzie is the founder and president of the Trinity Community Pentecostal Church of God, Canada, and the director of Love in Action, a charitable organization that helps the youth of the Jane and Finch area and ex-convicts in Toronto. She is a universal steward, a woman among women.

Pastor Emmanuel Mills is the Founder and Vice-President of The Save Africa Mission Network (SAMNET), Canada and director of The Continental Renaissance Commission (The Cross), Ghana. He’s been in Christian leadership since 1981 and instrumental in the decade’s great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

He studied theology in Israel and Canada and a member of United Christian Church and Ministerial Association (UCCMA-USA), which offered him an International ministerial license. He is the author of the book Introduction to the Concept of God’s Nation, which is under review and edited the book Turn around and See the Lord by Rev. Joy Vassal, who is a Jamaican-Canadian clergywoman and an author. He’s married and has two children.

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