New Reality Web Series Slagmarker Is Based on Gladiatorial Combat

Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWire) -- 12/09/2013 --For many people around the world, watching entertainment is a favorite way to unwind. Today’s reality shows are based on a variety of themes—such as family, cooking, adventure, and travel—and provide an entertaining and fun way to learn about culture and artistry.

Recently, Kyle Kerlan, a filmmaker from San Francisco, California, announced the launch of his new reality web series, Slagmarker. According to the project’s information, Slagmarker is a fantasy combat web-series where everyday individuals fight to the death in gladiatorial-style combat. The show focuses exclusively on the beautiful scenery, fighting techniques, and costumes of the participants. The weapons are made from fiberglass core and an external layer of latex and foam, making it safe for all participants.

Slagmarker’s contestants are bought as slaves—using virtual gold pieces—by fans on the interactive website. Contestants are outfitted in fantasy garb and trained by instructors. An actual cash prize for each fight motivates fighters, but his owners and those who bet on him receive fantasy cash prices.

“Gold pieces are used to purchase fighters, provide them with better weapons, and training, and are also a direct representation of your rank within a house,” noted an article on web series’ page. “Rank in a house carries a weighted vote, and voting dictates many aspects of the show, including but not limited to selecting opponents, fight location, and membership status of others within a house.”

Since Slagmarker is unscripted, the outcomes of the fights are unknown to the producers. The film’s crew pauses only to add makeup and gore when appropriate. Footage is edited from several cameras to maximize the flow of the story and aesthetics. Dramatic effects are created through the cutting and reconstruction of clips.

At this time, Kerlan welcomes donations to the Slagmaker project. Fans interested in learning how to raise money for Slagmaker can do so through its Kickstarter page, a website that allows people to get funding for a project.

Individuals interested in reading more about Kyle Kerlan and the promotion of Slagmarker can visit the web series’ Kickstarter page for more information.

About Slagmarker
Slagmarker is a reality web series where everyday people are thrust into a fantasy world of unscripted gladiatorial combat. The fights are unscripted and rely on a contestant’s physical prowess and actual ability to wield a weapon. Slagmarker will only be funded if at least $10,000 is pledged by Friday, January 3, 2014 at 7:30pm EST. For more information, please visit

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