Empellex Developer Training Videos Reach over Fourteen Thousand Views on YouTube

Empellex Inc. has seen its Mono for Android and Android application development training videos reach over 14,000 views on YouTube.

Toronto, ON -- (SBWire) -- 12/13/2013 --Empellex Inc. (Empellex), a professional IT services provider launched its own YouTube Channel to teach the online developer community the specialized IT skills it provides. Empellex created a short series of Android and Mono for Android training videos to provide the necessary guidance and basic skills to developers to get them started with this type of development. One of the videos in the Mono for Android series focuses on creating a simple “Hello World” application and alone it has reached over 13,000 views on YouTube in a little more than a year. The video continues to gain popularity and viewings at a rapid pace. Furthermore other websites and YouTube members have syndicated the video to their audiences. This is a great example of how YouTube empowers businesses and people with the ability to freely share and transfer knowledge worldwide.

Empellex has created and published other videos on YouTube that teach a variety of topics and share simple but valuable tips. The range of material covered includes programming, mobile development, social media and creative web design. For example, Empellex demonstrated and highlighted the concepts of contour bias, white space, reduced cognitive load and progressive disclosure that are embedded in the exceptional interface that GoDaddy uses for their public website. Empellex aims to inspire developers to grow their creative talents in additional to their technical abilities. Business staff and website viewers see and engage with user interfaces, thus, a positive user experience must be supported. Empellex is able to teach effective design principles in interface development through visual training videos that use real life examples.

Empellex plans to focus on creating and publishing another series of training videos that showcase creativity among online service providers that use clean, dynamic, user friendly and innovative interfaces. One such company operating out of Toronto Canada in the online dating market is Friends Introduced Us. The company has developed a unique service in a saturated industry by providing a Web based and Facebook platform for friends to introduce their single friends to other singles. This is a unique business concept because singles are introduced into the exclusive community by their friends with a profile written by their friends rather than themselves. It’s within the registration and introduction process that creativity and innovation can be seen and demonstrated. Empellex plans to create additional training videos that teach designers and interface specialists good design principles through some of the concepts Friends Introduced Us has applied to their public website to enhance their user experience. Empellex hopes to achieve the same success in reaching viewers and building skills as it has with its Mono for Android and Android application development videos that have received over 14,000 views.

Empellex Inc. continues to pursue its goal to freely share and spread knowledge under its belief that we all grow together in a global community that is free of boundaries and limitations.

If you are tempted to learn more visit Empellex and their YouTube Channel to view their training videos.

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