Kevin Mahoney Reviews the Empower Network to Spread Message of Success

Kevin Mahoney has reviewed the Empower Network and all its systems and packages to help those interested in entrepreneurship make the right investments for their future.

Homewood, IL -- (SBWire) -- 12/20/2013 --With the economic downturn showing few signs of improving, many people are looking for ways to earn additional income while at the same time finding jobs few and far between. The result is that more and more people are looking to become more entrepreneurial, creating their own income. One of the best and most convenient markets for this is the internet, where individuals can create wealth using marketing strategies. Kevin Mahoney is a consultant and business owner who has reviewed the Empower Network, a suite of products that gives users access to a community of like minded individuals through an affiliate marketing scheme. This review is one the most thorough Empower Network Reviews available.

The Empower Network, created by David Wood and David Sharpe in 2011 to give people, no matter their circumstances, an opportunity to create their own wealth while learning the skills of online marketing at the same time, by using the skills to promote the network itself in exchange for generous commissions of up to 100% of the value of the course sold.

The review explains the obvious advantages of engaging with the Empower Network and breaks down the products on offer from the company, including their features and educational advantages, before explaining that the true value of the products is not merely the software but the community that allows individuals to interact and sharpen their skills with the benefit of other people’s experiences.

A spokesperson for Kevin Mahoney explained, “Kevin has backed the Empower Network because even he, as a successful businessman and consultant, has benefited from the training and affiliate marketing scheme it offers to increase his revenue and has seen how leveraging the power of a community of like minded individuals can translate into transformative business success for each of those individuals in turn. The review aims to give a full representation of the range of products available and their value as a well as an overall conclusion as to their true value.”

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Kevin Mahoney worked as a wholesale sales representative in the sporting goods industry for 15+ years. For the last 5 years he has managed international markets, before embarking on setting up his own business and setting his own goals for success, which Empower Network helped him to achieve and exceed. Kevin now offers team training, marketing tools and more. For more information please visit:

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