Evo Clear Launches to Review and Analyze Evo Clear Water Products

Evo Clear is a new blog that has been launched to promote the use of Evo Clear Water filtration and purification solutions for the home.

San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 01/02/2014 --Running water is something that many people in the developed world take for granted, despite it being something of a logistical miracle of engineering. Despite this amazing convenience however, the water that is pumped to households can contain hundreds of potentially harmful chemicals, additives and particles that people would not choose to drink if they knew about them. Evo Clear Water have been providing whole house filtration systems to address this problem, and the new blog Evo Clear has been created by fans of the product to help the company spread the word to new audiences.

The blog regularly publishes high quality, original editorials on major topics of concern to those looking for water filtration systems hoping to draw the attention of concerned citizens to Evo Clear Water products as a solution to their worries and fears. The topics include water softener reviews, water filter reviews for the home and more.

The blog comes down firmly in favor of Evo Clear Water solutions in all cases, but not without justification. The blog breaks down precisely why the Evo Clear Water technology is so revolutionary and ahead of that used by competitors, in order to help individuals feel comfortable and confident in making an Evo Clear purchase.

A spokesperson for Evo Clear explained, “We created this blog because after discovering our water was full of potentially dangerous and harmful contaminants we did no small amount of research to determine what water filtration system we wanted to use. Having done that, we decided on an Evo Clear Water system, and found the results to be extraordinary. As a result we have now become Evo Clear evangelists, and want the world to know in quantifiable terms why the Evo Clear Water solutions are superior to their competitors’.”

About Evo Clear
Evo Clear is a website created independently of the Evo Clear Water company to promote the work and products of Evo Clear Water to individuals who may not have heard of them. The blog regularly publishes product reviews and editorials explaining why Evo Clear products are the superior choice in the current marketplace, as well as advice and guidance on making the most of these modern water filtration systems. For more information please visit: http://evoclear.com/

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