Dr Dinar Proclaims 2014 Iraq Elections Plagued with False Iraqi Dinar RV

Winnipeg, MB -- (SBWire) -- 01/02/2014 --Investors must remain vigilant when purchasing Iraqi dinars as, with Iraq elections occurring as early as late April 2014, dinar dealers outside of Iraq continue to use this event to sell dinar. The dealers claim the elections will occur with the event of an Iraq Dinar revaluation. "This statement holds no truth which is why investors must be aware of what is occurring in the trading world and remain vigilant at all times. This is their money and they must protect it, researching various investment options and understanding what is occurring in the dinar market," Darren Chabluk of Dr. Dinar proclaims.

Before an RV, the Central Bank of Iraq needs to increase the use of banking system software throughout the country while also increasing the security of currency delivery. "Until these two events occur, a revaluation of the currency won't occur and yet dealers outside of the country are trying to take advantage of inexperienced investors. They claim a revaluation of the currency is imminent in the hopes of making some easy cash," Chabluk explains.

Many look to the expiry of the extended deadline for registering political entities for the April 2014 elections when discussing the revaluation of the Iraq dinar, yet the two events are different. Experts do agree the revaluation, often referred to as an RV will occur, but this won't happen when the elections do. "Anyone telling investors that the two events will occur simultaneously should be avoided as Iraq isn't ready to take this step yet with their money. The dinar currency is not in a position at this time to be placed on the world market," Chabluk points out.

For a revaluation to be successful, timing must be the top priority, as this provides investors with more opportunities to make money with the RV and to increase their wealth. "Investors wishing to take advantage of a revaluation of the Iraq dinar need to pay attention to what is going on within the currency market as patience is required when it comes to the maturing of Iraqi Dinar investments. DrDinar strives to provide relevant Iraqi Dinar News without the hype that some dinar gurus provide, gurus wishing to increase advertising revenue to their website. DrDinar strives to provide honest, accurate, relevant information at all times so investors obtain the most profit possible with their investments," Louie proclaims.

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