Just Be…: New Book Inspires Spiritual Transformation; Empowering Readers to Live Fuller Life by 'Just BEing'.

Written by Victor Powell and the result of his own compelling spiritual transformation, ‘Just Be…’ proves to readers that they already have everything they think they want in life. By urging everyone to embark on their own journey of bold discovery, Powell’s work is already helping thousands find a new awakened state with true inner strength.

Chicago, IL -- (SBWire) -- 01/02/2014 --While millions live their entire lives ‘wanting more’, Victor Powell warns that this paralysis-by-analysis thinking can prevent individuals from discovering life’s infinite possibilities. By focusing on a life of living and learning to ‘Just Be’, anyone can harness their true inner strength and enjoy the fruits of possibilities they didn’t know existed.

Everything is exposed in ‘Just Be…’, a ground-breaking new self-help motivational guidebook that not only recounts the success the author has had using the ‘Just Be’ concept, but shows readers from all walks of life to integrate it into theirs.


Just Be . . . takes you on a journey of self-discovery where you come back home to yourself and find everything you thought you needed you already have. Like Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ, we often have to go far away to discover there is no place like home. And your home is within you right now, just waiting for you to find it. The opening chapter helps you define your own unique path and carries you through each chapter as you add more and more to your process and see how easy it is to come home. Everyone finds his or her own path by looking within and realizing this is the only place that the answers have ever lived. The core chapters: Your Self Power, The 3R's of Being, Re-membering, and The Undiscovered Self move you to a state of Being where you learn that anything is possible (Infinite Possibilities).

Just Be . . . takes you deep into the concepts of true being, unraveling the many ways that we create limits in our experiences, by living life without Being as an active part of our process. Take your journey through Life Choices, The Illusions of Time, and Joy of Coming Home to discover the magic that was always there, just waiting for you to use.

As the author explains, his book makes not only a great motivational guide, but a powerful facilitation tool.

“It works just as well as in a group setting as it does for individual reading. At the end of the day, everyone has become accustomed to building their foundation using only the materials from what they are taught. Just Be… introduces the reader to concepts and simple elements that help us explore the infinite possibilities of options that exist beyond such limits,” says Powell.

Continuing, “Readers will no longer confine their experiences after they are able to recognize the limits they have created for themselves. By deploying my ‘3Rs of learning’, anyone can walk the steps to their own life-changing journey. I am living breathing proof that Just Being works – now it is time for others to use it to their own benefit.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews.

“While reading your book, I began re-evaluating my experiences from the stand point of who I am and have started opening up the doors to experiences I kept protected and hidden. Having known you all of your life, I felt proud reading ‘Just Be’,” says Cholly, reviewing the book on Amazon.

LM Holts was equally as impressed, adding, “For most of my life I’ve lived a life conformed to ways of life that had no meaning or fulfillment. This book, JUST BE, gave me such inspiration and validation into becoming a WHOLE person. Validation that the so far, unfillable hole within myself can only truly be filled through self-discovery and learning to live and love me. Inspiration and courage as i journey through life with limitless possibilities, needing nothing more than the true presence of my mind, body, and soul.

‘Just Be…’, published by BalboaPress, is available now: http://amzn.to/1jDLQhP. and http://tiny.cc/mxoj8w

More information can be found at: http://justbeing2.com.

About Victor Elliot Powell
Victor Elliot Powell, a professional photographer with 38 plus years of experience, recently added transformational author to his list of accomplishments. This came about from sharing the concepts with his photography clients and seeing them change before his very eyes, which enables him to produce great end results. In his younger years, Victor was shy and spent much of his time people watching. Little did he know that those years of people watching would provide him keen insight into people beyond the superficial. This insight and understanding create the perspective that he uses in his photography to photographs his subjects in a way that brings their inner selves (their Being) to the surface.

As the son of a lawyer, Victor mirrored his father’s way of thinking becoming very mind driven, needing to know the why of everything before proceeding on a task. His journey from paralysis-by-analysis thinking, to walking a path of infinite possibilities was a major departure from that mind set. This sent him on the quest to find the awakened state where he discovered the joy and power of just being.

Victor now lives a life of Just Being as his driving force, seeking only that which shows up through the process of being open to the infinite possibilities of life. He shares this through his work, life, and deeds, as a living example of Being in action and expression.

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