Created a SharePoint Site for a Global Engineering, and Construction Contracting Company for Document Management System at Enterprise Level


Ahmedabad, Gujarat -- (SBWire) -- 04/22/2010 -- The client, a world class engineering, and construction contracting company had employees dispersed at multiple locations. The organization followed multiple methods of document management and no centralized repository lead to common problems such as process inefficiencies, limited knowledge sharing, improper management of records and customer service.

We proposed a SharePoint site as a solution due to the most obvious reasons namely popularity, ease of setting up, efficient in operation and able to handle very large volumes of documents.

Features such as document management capability; Check In / Check Out for version control, Version History and Retention Policies, Storage of meta-data related to the files, Search functionality and last but not the least the web-based interface of SharePoint made it an instant favorite amongst the IT savvy and non IT savvy employees alike. The web based feature opened the prospects of anywhere anytime access to documents making sharing much easier.

Implemented in an environment similar to common Windows Microsoft Office the solution was readily accepted by the employees with minimal trainings. Since Active directory and Group policies were used to allow the access the employees could use their windows authentications with doing the task of remembering numerous passwords.

The solution was an instant success among the management and employees for the most obvious reasons namely the implementation was huge success leading to paperless green office implementation. Since the employees readily accepted the new setup hence the management decision to accept new technology was also huge success.

The knowledge base increased due to document management capabilities and chances of data loss were also minimized as opposed to earlier paper systems.

Information sharing across remote locations insured timely decisions leading to increase in revenues improved compliance with enterprise standards and delivered the value to the business.

As for Cygnet Infotech we gained yet another loyal customer who was impressed by our Product Knowledge, Technical Skills, project management skills, transparent approach, and on time delivery.

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