Recent Studies Proves That Tea Can Fight Back to Cancer and Cancer Causing Tissues

Regular consumption of tea is associated with a reduced risk for digestive, lung, oral, ovarian and skin cancer.

Fairhope, AL -- (SBWire) -- 01/10/2014 --To understand the advantages of tea one ave to go through ts istory at begin in 2737 B.C., when some tea leaves fell into a kettle of steaming water. The tempting aroma allured the Chinese Emperor named Shennong to test the brew. He taught how to brew loose leaf tea and showed that how it can be beneficial as a medicinal remedy for one’s body.

Tea began its worldwide invasion in tea houses throughout Korea, Japan and China. With in the 16th Century, this medicinal beverage stormed the borders of Western civilization; the inner chambers of European aristocracy and the American Revolution ignited in a very apt way and spread it throughout the world. Today, tea another most utilized drink after water, which declines to relinquish its label as the world's most addicted brews.

Tea is a beverage that offers many health benefits. However, these benefits don't take into account adding cream and sugar to one’s tea. It's true that these additions do not take away most of the tea's known benefits, but they can actually contribute to a variety of health problems. There are varieties of tea’s are available throughout the market and each one has its own quality, taste and fragrance. Some of them are herbal tea, fruit tea, green tea, rooibos tea, oolong tea and many more are there. Because of its incredible qualities it is known worldwide.

Teasyteas was begun by Marshall Malone after the closing of his cafe in New England. Though he was broken and additionally persistent or foolish to prevent, he e-mailed his customers to find out if they wished to purchase his teas online. He then named the company with the logo he designed for someone else. Time to time, Teasy’s acknowledgement elevated, and to-day more than 11,000 customers get cherished his exceptional tea blends.

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