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Amanda is referred by her close friends as a blender fanatic. Ever since getting her first blender, she has been relying on her blender to cut her meal preparation time. From making soup puree to smoothies. From grinding spices to making slushies. She finds it amusing when she hears about the frustration of many blender users who find their blender failing only after few months of use. "Many blender users make the false assumption that all blenders are created equal and fail to consider the most important features," says Amanda. By launching her BlenderReviewsHQ.Net blog, she seeks to highlight these points to those who are hunting for their first blenders.

Seattle, WA -- (SBWire) -- 01/13/2014 --BlenderReviewsHQ.Net blog author, Amanda, is a housewife who is obsessed about blenders. After receiving her first blender as a baby shower gift, she soon realized how life had become so much easier for her, especially when it comes to meal preparation time. "Being in complete ignorance to the world of blenders is the same as living in ignorance to one of the best human invention," says Amanda. With her newly launched blog, Amanda hopes to share her experience and knowledge in making a good blender selection.

"If you are looking for a blender and think that all blenders are created equal, then you are missing the point," says Amanda. While it is true that every blender is nothing more than just a rotating blade confined inside a jar, the design of each component makes the whole world of difference. The stiff competition among blender manufacturers makes it hard for blender buyers, especially those looking for their first blenders, to distinguish facts from hypes and real values from gimmicks.

In the eyes of the commoners, blender may just be a blender. But to real blender users like Amanda, there are so many considerations to make when it comes to blender selection. This is exactly the reason why certain blenders are able to price themselves so high and yet consumers are still flocking to them.

For example, looking at the motor speed of a blender alone does not tell the complete picture. A blender with high speed motor does not make it a good blender if it is not supported by powerful blade materials. This is the reason why so many blenders start to fail only after few months of usage.

The common mistake that many inexperienced blender buyers tend to make is to judge a blender only by its upfront cost. Like any other consumer product, there will never be a blender that satisfies all. This is the lesson that Amanda learned through her own experience.

"I believe that granted the right set of equipment, everyone is capable of preparing healthy and delicious meal," says Amanda. And being able to select the right blender is the first step to achieving that goal. This is the goal that Amanda had in mind when she launched her BlenderReviewsHQ.Net blog. Readers to her blog will be able to find easily digestable reviews and comprehensive discussions of the latest blending machines that are available in the market.

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BlenderReviewsHQ.Net is a blog dedicated to provide easy to understand guide when it comes to blender selection. As a blender fanatic who learned from her own journey about the importance of having the right blender, Amanda shares her experiences in cracking the puzzle for anyone who is seeking for the ultimate blending machine.

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