Kebo in the Animal Bus: Enchanting New Children's Storybook Fosters Friendship, Compassion & Acceptance

Written by Damon Pickett, ‘Kebo in the Animal Bus’ uses a whimsical story and lovable characters to share a bold message of the importance of friendship. While it’s a vital addition to the world of children’s literature, the author’s reasons for sharing his wisdom are deeply personal and heartfelt…

Selma, AL -- (SBWire) -- 01/14/2014 --While children may first appear to be the most accepting people on the planet, their formative years are a vital opportunity to instill life-long good habits of friendship and compassion. Through an enchanting and entertaining new book, author Damon Pickett attempts this feat with gusto.

‘Kebo in the Animal Bus’ will resonate with children of all ages.


This is a Educational Book for Children of all ages. The Story is about a bus filled with animals. The bus was headed to the zoo. On the bus, was a little cub named Kebo that was really shy and he always wanted a friend.

After getting lost from his group and encountering many unfriendly animals, he is delighted to finally be reunited with his true friends.

The author has a passion for inspiring children and empowering them to become good people.

“It can be hard to teach children the dos and don’ts of life – especially if you try to preach to them. Therefore, I wrap my life-lessons up in an entertaining and relatable story that helps children to learn without even realizing it!” says Pickett, who has had a lifelong fascination with writing.

Continuing, “It’s all about having fun and allowing children to absorb the information on their own watch. Literature is a great vehicle for this and I’m delighted to be doing my part.”

However, for Pickett, sharing his wisdom is also a part of the long process of grief.

“I lost a new-born child and had to very quickly accept that I would never have an opportunity to teach him everything I have learned over the years. This unfortunate situation inspired me to do what is attainable – reaching out to other people’s children and putting my wisdom to good use,” he adds.

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Kebo in the Animal Bus’ is available now:

About the Author: Damon Pickett
Damon Pickett, author of Dingo's Big Adventure, Bully Bob and Around the World with a Book has been a lover of writing since he was a child. Born in Selma, Alabama, the youngest of two brothers, Damon was always very imaginative and loved to escape by reading books that intrigued his imagination. Those dreams faded when Damon finished high school and realized that he needed to make a living. He has worked in the paper industry since early 2000. On April 8, 2010, Damon was struck with a great tragedy. That was the day that his son Da'mion De'Von Pickett was born and he passed six hours later. This made him reflect on his own life and accomplishments. He realized that life was too short not to follow his dreams. It was then that he decided to write stories to help kids adapt to life's situations.

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