Genes = Jean Size? Not So, Says Health Expert in Provocative New Book

From author Gregory Anne Cox, ‘Your Genes Do Not Determine the Size of Your Jeans’ is a new release dedicated toward women’s health and wellness, with an unusual twist. Using ‘uncommon advice’, a good dose of humor, meticulous research and myth-busting detective work, Cox has written a guide for women who may be feeling “itchy, bitchy, fat and frazzled’ but want to feel fantastic, at any age.

Hampton Bays, NY -- (SBWire) -- 01/17/2014 --Ask any woman, and they’ll tell you – they’ve been promised the earth, by diet book after diet book, all with different plans, potions or ‘secrets’.

It’s no surprise then, that many women get tired of the constant onslaught of misinformation and have no idea where to turn to find out the truth about their health and how they can age without feeling sick, tired, fat or all of the above.

“The problem is all of the lies out there, to put it bluntly,” says Gregory Anne Cox, author of new book ‘Your Genes Do Not Determine the Size of Your Jeans’. “Women are told – well, you have to eat only sprouts. You can’t eat butter, and you must exercise for 3 hours a day! It’s exhausting for people to try to sort through what’s real and what’s not.”

‘Your Genes Do Not Determine the Size of Your Jeans’ is full of Cox’s uncommon advice and born from her years as a nutrition expert, women’s health coach and former chef. Drawing from her work with clients and medical professionals, Cox blows the lid off of many preconceived ideas about health and wellness, while still maintaining a sense of humor.

“The tone is conversational – I want readers to feel as if they’re sitting and chatting with me over a cup of coffee,” says Cox. “Each chapter is a myth, for example, ‘Calories In = Calories Out’ and ‘Cholesterol is the enemy and statin drugs are the answer.’ I take each myth apart and give readers the reasons why. They are then presented with the facts with a view towards improving their health, helping them lose weight, and age in good health, disease free.”


Were you out of the room when they passed out the manual on midlife?

Are you confused by the conflicting information out there on what's healthy and what's not, what kind of exercise works and what doesn’t, what to eat at midlife and beyond to keep--or get--a body you can love? The answers is are here in this book.

Listen up, disease is an inevitable part of aging and Your Genes Do Not Determine the Size of Your Jeans proves that it's not!

This book busts 10 of the common myths around food, aging, diseases, and drugs.

You'll learn why all calories are not created equal and which ones will sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Are you afraid of cholesterol in your food? Do you take a drug to keep it low? Find out why the lies about cholesterol are especially damaging to women.

Has anyone ever dismissed a concern you had with "This is what happens at your age?"

Kick this and other limiting thoughts to the curb. Health and vitality are possible at any age.

If you are exercising for hours but not getting the results you want or simply don't have that much time you'll want to read chapter 10 and find out the truth about exercise.

Sugar, sleep, hormones, and habits are looked at in detail with the latest science weighing in. Best of all, this information is practical and easy to understand.

We must imagine the life we want no matter what age and then go get it. Often that takes a whole new way of thinking. This book will teach you how to start.

If you want to live a healthy and delicious life and you'd like a manual to follow, this is your book.

Cox knows there is a lot of misinformation out there, especially when it comes to women’s health, and her mission is to rid the industry of false promises and the distortion about certain foods.

“The world is awash in old science, like the low cholesterol theory and it is keeping people fat, frustrated, and feeling like crap,” says Cox. “The biggest health organizations are kept alive by the food companies that sugar coat-- literally in many cases - the contents and consequences of their products.”

Continuing, “’Itchy, bitchy, fat and frazzled’ are the first 5 words of the introduction and it's where I was when I started researching how to feel like myself again, and stay that way rather than going down hill. Feeling bad is not a guaranteed by product of aging. This book is for people who don't believe that.”

Since its release, Cox’s book has generated glowing reviews.

“Greg puts complicated science in simple language, sharing practical information from credible sources along with real-life examples and personal stories, all delivered with her special brand of spunk, spirit and humor,” wrote islandgirl1957.

Kat Tansey was equally as enthusiastic, writing: “I urge you to get this book, tell your friends about it, devour it, talk about it. I guarantee you will change at least one habit as a result of this book, and then if you keep going back to it you will change another, and then another. And this is what counts. Knowing is nice. Choosing to change is nice. Actually changing is the real game, and Gregory Anne Cox is, in my humble opinion, put on this earth to help us win this game.”

‘Your Genes Do Not Determine the Size of Your Jeans’ is available now from Amazon:

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As a lifestyle evangelist and wellness warrior Gregory Anne is intent on igniting a radical health revolution that transforms the way we do food and health in this country. She is first and foremost a health coach and life mentor and she speaks on the absurdities of the drug culture and processed food world we live in. What's on the end of our fork is way more powerful than anything on a prescription pad when it comes to looking and feeling our best and Gregory is on a mission to get the word out about that.

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