An Exclusive Homage to 80's Action Movies - "Heavy Weapon"

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 01/20/2014 --Action is considered to be one of the best genres in movies. 80’s action movies are loved by many, which is why a new graphic novel has been created. “Heavy Weapon” has been written by David Desjardin and the special book is basically inspired from all the action movies which were ever made. However, the novel tends to focus more on the movies which were made in the eighties era. The book was released in digital paperback on 3rd, October 2013 and since then has managed to capture the attention of countless people worldwide.

Paperbacks and Kindle copies are exclusively available on Barnes & Nobles and Amazon for all those who are thoroughly interested in buying the book for good. The Comixology release is on its way now and the hardcover will be available in sometime around 15th, January 2015. The author of the book has tried to capture the true essence of action movies and from the many taglines of the book, the most famous one is, “War is the last resort. For him, it’s the first.” The countless reviews of satisfied readers of the book have been flowing ever since it was released back in 2013 and as the time for the release of the hardcover is coming near, the hype can be seen to be increasing through every passing day.

As it has been labeled as the ‘ultimate homage to the action movies made in the eighties’, it can be easily said that the author’s main area of interest and expertise lies in the action movies that were made in the eighties time period. David Desjardin, the writer of the novel, immensely enjoys watching action movies and has a fondness for storytelling and games. The meeting with the famous action movie connoisseur David McGill in Kuwait helped Desjardin to gather a massive amount of information about the eighties action movies, which is what led to the making of ‘Heavy Weapon’ in the long run.

Moreover, the paperback has two different covers, out of which one is available and the VHS style cover will be available later in this month. The very same style cover will also be available for the hardcover when it will be released in 2015. The ‘munition edition’ which arrives with a special packaging with a lot of extras such as a cloth map, bookmarks, art prints and much more is the upcoming limited edition that is set to be released anytime in 2014 and will only have 250 copies in total.

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