Quirky Debut Novel Brings Laughter Back to Women's Lit

Written by Susan e. Paul, ‘Snoop’ is a rollicking, hilarious and imaginative ride through the tumultuous life of a snooping wife. When Julia Baxby discovers that her husband may be hiding a mistress on the side, she calls in the cavalry. Armed with friends and a devious plot for revenge, Julia could never have dreamed what would happen next. Paul’s debut novel is by turns wickedly funny, charming, and above all, sharply original.

Toronto, ON -- (SBWire) -- 01/20/2014 --Finding a secret stash of sex toys in your husband’s office. Unwillingly embarking on a journey of discovery. Learning that things are not always as they appear.

And in the hands of author Susan Paul, it’s pretty funny too. With the release of Paul’s new book, ‘Snoop’, she follows in the footsteps of other female comedic writers like Maria Semple, penning a sidesplitting tale that includes a colorful cast of characters, a double-crossing husband and a series of wild escapades.


If every journey of the snooping wife begins with a single step, Julia Baxby takes a giant leap when she uncovers a hidden stash of sex toys in her husband’s office. How long has this been going on? Did Stephen move their family to London just to be closer to his mistress? And really, how many of these things does one man need? Heartbroken, Julia realizes that there’s not enough chocolate in the world to handle this on her own. So she enlists the help of her two closest friends, Catherine, the alluring forensic entomologist (corpses, flies,) and François, the irrepressible Frenchman and together they embark on a hilarious quest filled with a motley cast of characters, a shape-shifting mother and a whacked-out plan for revenge. What happens next is even stranger than anything Julia could have imagined, forcing her to confront the astounding truth and its life-changing consequences. ‘Snoop’ is a laugh-out-loud romp chronicling one woman’s misadventures as she careens into the reality behind her husband’s double life.

The author wasn’t always a writer, leaving another profession behind in order to pursue her creative leanings. “It’s true, I’m an ex-lawyer,” says Paul. “Which means I wake up with a smile on my face instead of blood in my teeth. I definitely prefer the writing – the chance to create these characters and let them run rampant all over the page has been great fun. And the response from readers has been fantastic. Some people have even commented that this should be a movie. From their lips...”

Paul’s aim is not only to make people chuckle, but also to fill a gap in an otherwise thriving industry.

“There’s a lot of room for female comedians on TV and in movies – just look at the success of writers like Tina Fey or Mindy Kaling,” says the author. “But there just aren't enough funny books out there - especially written by women for women.”

Since its publication, ‘Snoop’ has earned glowing reviews from readers who admitted to laughing out loud as they turned the pages.

“Delightful romp - both funny (to the point of guffawing) and tender (to the point of tears). Loved living vicariously through these adventures (and mis-adventures). The protagonists were very relatable and their ‘sidekicks’ were truly unique and charming,” wrote Margaret.

Carol A. Whittaker was equally impressed, writing: “So fun! ‘Snoop’ pulled me right in from the start and kept me in a constant giggle. Susan Paul has a breezy, witty style. I hope she writes more.”

‘Snoop’, published by CreateSpace, is available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1fsseOn

About Susan Paul
It was a rainy day when Susan Paul was born in Montreal, Canada. Things got better as she spent an idyllic childhood running around until the streetlights came on. At some point, she thought that practicing law was a good idea. She was wrong. Her husband very kindly offered to take her away from it all by moving them to Europe. ‘Snoop’ is her first novel and most days she can be found chained to her desk working on her second one. She currently lives with her family and their anarchistic dog in Toronto.

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