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Mill Creek, WA -- (SBWire) -- 05/17/2010 -- Customized numbers allowing callers to contact your company without being charged for it are called toll free numbers. These toll free numbers are quickly becoming one of the most powerful marketing and sales tools that make customer service one step ahead. Business research have proven that customers who look up phone book listings and face many similar business posts are more likely to call the toll free list than that with a long distance number. Assuming that these businesses are larger and more stable than competitors, consumers acquire immediate confidence in those businesses with toll free numbers.

Not only are toll free numbers useful for customers but employees as well. For businesses that have travelling employees, toll free numbers enable them to call and access their voice mail while on the road. Inbound toll free service is usually cheaper than the rates of calling cards.

With the FCC ruling that all toll free numbers be portable, they create a competitive market for toll free services. Each number belongs to the toll free subscriber and not just the carrier. If situations need a company to change carriers, they won’t have to worry about changing numbers and ruining their marketing campaigns. Toll free numbers’ portability also allows companies to use the same number for local calls as well as international calls.

The toll free services also allow anyone to subscribe for a toll free number – even if they don’t have a business. Rates vary by customer’s call and by location where the call originates. Toll free numbers benefits from not only advertising advantages but from other services with the toll free market that make businesses work better.

Toll free numbers automatically enable call blocking – a service wherein calls are blocked from being called from areas that your business doesn’t provide service. For those subscribed to many toll free numbers in one location, with DNIS or the dialed number identification service, you can identify which toll free number was dialed by the caller – helping you track responses and get feedback from the ad campaigns that used your toll free number.

Aside from call blocking and call tracking, toll free numbers provide a coded access service that only allows the call to push through if a correct code has been input by the caller. This service is essential for businesses that separate numbers for specific clients or for special customers and travelling employees. Toll free numbers can also be directed into existing phone lines to save on equipment costs and dedicated line costs.

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