Retired Actor Releases New Memoir and Guidebook to Life

Written by Art Frankel, ‘Flew by the Seat of My Pants: A Few Crashes, No Casualties’ is the result of over eighty years of adventures; a funny, bright and practical ‘how to’ on turning dreams into reality.

Lake Arrowhead, CA -- (SBWire) -- 01/27/2014 --It isn’t just anyone who can say they’ve been a teacher, a sailor, a soldier, a salesman and a successful actor.

Art Frankel can say all of that and more.

In his new memoir, ‘Flew by the Seat of My Pants: A Few Crashes, No Casualties’, Frankel recounts the myriad of accomplishments that have made him the man he is today. With a healthy dose of wit, more than a little wisdom, and a humble appreciation for those who helped him along the way, Frankel shows how sometimes: nice guys do finish first.

"From raising a family and teaching school to co-starring in movies with Albert Brooks and Jack Lemmon, Art Frankel has led an amazing life—and come through it all with humor, wisdom, and more than a few lessons learned.

He built and sailed his own boat to Hawaii, and he survived a raging wildfire that reduced his home to cinders. He lived through the Great Depression and World War II. He has been a soldier, a student, a teacher, a salesman, an actor, and a traveler.

A self-help book in the form of a poignant and amusing memoir, Flew by the Seat of My Pants: A Few Crashes, No Casualties is the inspirational, motivational story of a regular guy who, with determination, persistence, the support of his beloved wife, Shirley, and a healthy dose of dumb luck, accomplished things that most people only dream of. His story is funny, moving, and packed with keen insights and practical words of wisdom that anyone can use to turn their own dreams into reality.

The author’s memory is keener than most, and in writing his memoir, he was able to look back on his life and truly see the whole picture.

“It was surprising even to me, when I realized all that I’d done in my time here on earth,” says Frankel. “It was moving to remember that I’ve survived through calamities like the Depression and World War II. And it had a sobering effect too – not everyone was so lucky.”

Continuing: “That’s why I’m particularly grateful to be here now and share my story. I think anyone just starting out or perhaps even struggling with where to go in life can benefit from hearing about a regular guy who did the best he could.”

Since its release, Frankel’s book has earned rave reviews.

“This was a wonderful life's story from a most creative storyteller. From a humble beginning, this little Jewish kid did it all, overcoming prejudice, and a Father's low expectations, to reach the pinnacle of education...and then starring in Hollywood movies. In between, he built a sailboat, and sailed to Hawaii and back. A wonderful story, indeed, of a warm, loving family man looking back on a most interesting life. Exhilarating, indeed...a great read,” wrote John B.

Robert F. Burris called the book “funny and touching” and wrote: “It's more than just a memoir, Art has written a book packed with the wisdom of his eight decades on the planet. A great, fun read about a man who has truly lead an amazing life-- and isn't afraid to talk about it!”

‘Flew by the Seat of My Pants’ is available now:

About Art Frankel
Art Frankel currently lives in Lake Arrowhead with his wife of 64 years. He has five children, 10 grandchildren and three great granddaughters. He is an avid reader, keeping up with current events, politics and enjoys fine wine. He takes pride in his family and his home and stocking his wine cellar. He leads an active life in the mountains and continues to pursue his dream of becoming a famous actor!

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