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Climbing Gear Reviews is a website that regularly publishes reviews and editorials of climbing equipment products and stores to best advise consumers on their buying choices.

San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 01/27/2014 --Rock climbing is an amazing extreme sport to get into, as it has all the fun of the most dramatic parts of mountaineering without the long walks to reach them. It gives practitioners dexterity, strength, flexibility and endurance, but it is not without its dangers. More than perhaps anywhere else, having the right gear is essential not only to enjoyment but survival, and Climbing Gear Reviews regularly recommend the best providers of climbing gear online as well as reviewing new product releases from manufacturers.

While many people visit their site for OMCGear Coupons, Climbing Gear Reviews regularly publish content evaluating the latest product releases from a wide variety of manufacturers and distributors, from Gearx to Rock Creek. All reviews are written in easy to read plain English and give a detailed account of the product’s strengths and weaknesses as well as assessing its place in the market.

Climbing Gear Reviews also evaluate providers overall, explaining what their best selling products are and what they excel in relative to the competition, allowing people to find the best deals from different stores and put together their kit list and record low prices.

A spokesperson for Climbing Gear Reviews explained, “We try to ensure that people can easily identify and use the best providers of the safest and highest quality gear, because the temptation among online shoppers is to hunt for savings and this can often lead to sacrificing quality, which can be dangerous in the long run. You can get great savings with OMCGear Coupons and still get the best gear available, which is why we host these coupons to encourage users to buy from a recommended manufacturer. Our reviews of harnesses, karabiners, ropes and shoes all point to just a few outstanding providers, and discounts on these make it easy for consumers to make the right choices.”

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