How to Pay off Debt Quickly and Easily


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 01/28/2014 --Getting out of debt can be challenging. Some people ignore creditors’ communications, while others simply send in minimum payments. understands how paying off debt can weigh on one’s mind, and is here to offer some solutions that may help one address how to pay off debt quickly, such as:

- Avoid Creating New Debt
- Dealing with Interest Rates
- Build a Sensible Spending Plan
- Devise a Repayment Schedule

No New Debt
An integral component of how to pay off debt faster is avoiding making more debt. Ignore offers for new credit cards. Turn away from commercials promoting certain payment plans for particular merchandise. Drive past the DIY home improvement store that encourages one to an appliance for x-number of “easy” payments on a consumer credit card. Keep the goal of getting out of debt foremost in one’s mind and don’t take on any new credit accounts.

Pay Attention to Interest Rates

When dealing with how to pay off debt quickly, order debts based upon their interest rates. Paying off the highest rate debts first helps the debt disappear faster. High interest rates mean less money from a payment goes to the principal. This is why some debt seems to take forever to pay off, while other debt is eradicated in no time. Once the debt with the highest interest rate is paid off, move on to the next-highest one, and so on.

The Budget points out that having a reasonable budget can be a terrific method for how to pay off debt faster. Take a close look at how much money is going out each month for groceries, cable, electricity and the like, and look for areas in which some changes can be made. For example, rather than spending $75 a week for food and household goods, try to cut it back to $60 by using coupons and choosing the market offering the best sale for that week. Put the leftover money toward debt repayment.

Create a Sensible Repayment Plan

As a response to how to pay off debt quickly, working out an affordable debt repayment plan is pretty good. This is an important part of getting one’s debt paid off, but it isn’t just creating the plan, it’s being true to it. One must commit to it one hundred percent, else he will not be successful in his endeavor. Tally up all of one’s bills and other debt, then divide them by the number of paychecks one receives each month. Allowing for a “slush fund,” figure out how much money can go to debt repayment and go to it.

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