hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets and Weight Loss Plans Announces Diet Plans That Help Women Get Healthy Before Becoming Pregnant, Shown to Lead to Healthier, Thinner Children

Diet Doc offers natural, safe weight loss that helps women get healthy before becoming pregnant, leading to children with fewer health risks.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWire) -- 01/30/2014 --Many children of obese mothers will face a lifelong battle with obesity and weight related diseases. A new study, recently published in the journal, Cell, and reported by Medical News Today, suggests obese mothers who consume a diet high in fat, are at an increased risk of having children that will suffer from lifelong obesity and other related metabolic disorders. The study’s co-lead author, Tomas Horvath, says that women can control or even reverse their offspring's predisposition to obesity and resulting diseases by altering their own food intake before becoming pregnant.

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Women who want to lose weight before becoming pregnant will complete a detailed, yet quite simple, online medical evaluation followed by a consultation with an in-house physician. The physician will review the patient’s entire system, which enables them to identify and resolve any improperly functioning organs or other issues that may be hindering or even preventing successful and safe weight loss. Sensible hCG diet plans that are uniquely designed to be compatible with each woman’s specific nutritional, medical and lifestyle needs are strategically created by Diet Doc’s expert Nutrition consultants. By incorporating a wide range of healthy and delicious food choices, women find these diet plans interesting, while the fast weight loss provides motivation.

Filled with nutritious foods found to be effective for weight loss, these diet plans, when complemented with Diet Doc’s 100% pure prescription hCG treatments, signal the brain to target stores of fat that have been trapped in the cells of the body to be released into the bloodstream and used as the body’s primary source of energy. The result is fast and safe weight loss without side effects.

One of the first fast weight loss companies to join the new revolution in healthcare, Diet Doc makes the opportunity to rapid and safe weight loss possible for everyone. Simply by calling the company or logging onto the computer, women in even the most remote locations of the country, can benefit from Diet Doc’s prescription hCG treatments and hCG diet plans from the comfort of their own home. To further add to the convenience of this revolutionized new diet plan concept, simple telephone calls eliminate the need for costly, time consuming and embarrassing follow-up visits to the clinic.

Diet Doc gives women the opportunity to protect their most important assets, their children, from suffering from future weight related diseases by committing to fast, natural and safe weight loss by following medically guided, sensible hCG diet plans and becoming healthy themselves before becoming pregnant.

Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans are created for those of all shapes and sizes and for those who want to lose only 10-20 pounds to those who must lose 100 pounds or more. With plans designed to fit comfortably into almost any budget, Diet Doc makes successful and safe weight loss attainable for everyone.

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