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Diet Doc’s healthy diet programs make it easy to lose weight and detox because they include powerful prescription hCG treatments that curb cravings and attack fat in hard to reach areas of the body.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWire) -- 02/04/2014 --Starting this new year, many dieters in California are not only looking for a healthy diet plan that will help them to lose weight, they are also ready to detoxify their body and eliminate toxins that have built up over the years. However, most healthy diet plans fail to combine these two important considerations into their programs and instead focus on one or the other. Fortunately, Diet Doc’s prescription hCG treatment plans offer fat burning treatments that help clients lose weight along with healthy diet planning for detoxifying the internal organs. Unlike some of their competitors, Diet Doc is a completely legal and legitimate, medical weight loss company that employs a dedicated network of physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists to assist and monitor their patients during their weight loss journey. Many competitors still rely on a dangerously low 500 calorie per day diet plan, leading to serious side effects. Diet Doc is one of very few updated hCG diet plans in the country, allowing over double that of outdated competitors, and producing safe weight loss without complications.

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The Diet Doc healthy diet program offers unlimited consultations with weight management professionals who educate and counsel their clients on the importance of proper nutrition and eating healthy to lose weight and detox. While many other prescription hCG diets encourage their customers to consume a dangerously low, 500-calorie per day, caloric intake in order to lose weight, Diet Doc understands that their clients need more calories in order to have adequate energy levels throughout their day. In order to provide their clients with successful weight loss and all of the essential elements and mineral necessary for the human body, Diet Doc updated and modernized the research behind their prescription hCG treatments. Their healthy diet protocol is one of the very few updated versions available today in the United States.

Because Diet Doc does encourage their clients to reduce their calories to only what is necessary for adequate energy levels, this requires eliminating the unhealthy foods that some dieters have become accustomed to. Diet Doc understands that overcoming the temptation to indulge in unhealthy foods can be challenging and offers natural weight loss supplements to curb cravings and control hunger. And, while competitors continue to market illegal, homeopathic treatments, treatments that contain levels of active ingredients too low to product any effective weight loss results, Diet Doc is committed to the safe and healthy detox and weight loss of their clients and only utilizes pure, prescription grade treatment options, including 100% pure prescription hCG.

Each potential patient will initially speak with a licensed physician regarding appropriate treatment options that will allow him or her to detox and lose weight quickly. This consultation, and each consultation following, takes place over the phone and in the comfort and privacy of the patient’s own home. Clients can easily call to schedule a consultation for a date and time that is convenient for them.

For nearly a decade, Diet Doc has established itself as one of the only legitimate, legal and effective medically supervised weight loss programs that has been able to combine a healthy diet and prescription hCG treatments to help dieters lose weight and naturally detoxify the body. And, in a recent in-house survey, an overwhelming majority of Diet Doc clients reported fast and easy weight loss without any of the negative side effects commonly experienced with diet programs.

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