Cliff Jager Looks to Raise 45,000 via Kickstarter to 'Film Cover' His One Acre Greenhouse for Aquaponics


Mills River, NC -- (SBWire) -- 02/07/2014 --Aquaponics is a unique method of generating environmentally friendly food production that that is self sustainable.  The water from the fish  is pumped to the upper  bed.  The fish poop feeds the plants, the plants and gravel purify the water.  The water drains back to the fish which feeds and aerates the fish.  So, the fish feed the plants, plants feed the fish, the plants and fish feed you – a truly perfect system that can feed the world.

Cliff Jager’s aquaponic firm has been open for 8 months and he is hoping for funding to 'film cover' his one acre greenhouse.  The film is the plastic that covers a greenhouse, and without it the team would be unable to grow all year.  The film cover will let them control the inside environment so they have proper temperatures and moisture. One half will be dedicated to aquaponics and the other half to growing fresh greens all year round.  This will enable them to produce organic greens and fish to supply restaurants and the general public. 

They also have another 3 acres of pasture land.  Cliff’s primary goal is to have a Self-Sustainable One Stop Shopping Store, the ultimate 'Farmers Market'  where people can pick their own produce, micro greens, baby greens, wheatgrass, eggs, honey, fish and purchase from the retail store.  At the store they will offer aquaponic systems, supplies for aquaponics, hydroponics, gardens and aquariums, but only with self-sustainability in mind.

The funds raised from this crowdfunding campaign will enable Cliff and his team to implement their vision for aquaponics and share it with the world to produce healthy food in a completely self-sustained way that is as friendly to environment as to the people who will enjoy this nutritious, fresh food. 

This project will only be funded if at least $45,000 is pledged by Thu, Mar 6 2014 9:45 PM +05:30.

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