Young Entrepreneur and CEO of Talia Ink Launches Fundraiser on Indiegogo Website

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 02/10/2014 --Karolis Baltrunas, a 23-year-old young entrepreneur and CEO of an innovative IT and marketing company called Talia Ink, has just launched a fundraiser on the Indiegogo website. Karolis hopes to raise enough money to start a unique website called TalentHole, which will serve as the ultimate audition platform for people around the world.

Karolis, who quit his day job as a General Manager at ISIC Lithuania to pursue his dream of starting his marketing agency and IT company, strongly believes that everyone has a special talent, and is capable of creating amazing things. This firm belief led to the desire to create the TalentHole website, where people can share their interesting and impressive talents with others. From singers and dancers to jugglers, magicians and much more, Karolis hopes his new site will help people achieve their dreams of being a star.

“Everyone loves watching talent videos. Remember how you laughed on ‘X Factor’ auditions and how you cried on ‘America’s Got Talent’ successes?” Karolis asked.

“We have lots of stories how people became famous showing their talents on YouTube, but there are so many videos in there that you would need a lifetime to see everything. We need a project like TalentHole, which will be the ultimate audition stage for showing talents from all categories, starting from singing to street magic.”

As Karolis explained, the new TalentHole platform will be divided into two sections: one for the talent and one for agents. A special algorithm will help agents connect with the people who have demonstrated their special talents on the site. Karolis also hopes that TalentHole will allow people to raise money or get other contributions to help them achieve their goals.

Anybody who would like to learn more about TalentHole is welcome to visit the Indiegogo fundraising pages at any time; there, they can read about the unique website and how donors will be rewarded for their contributions.

About TalentHole
TalentHole is a new and unique website that is being created by Karolis Baltrunas, a young and successful CEO of Talia Ink who believes that everyone has a special talent they can share with the world. The site will serve as an audition platform for people, and help to connect them with agents who can help them pursue their dreams. Karolis recently launched a fundraiser on Indiegogo to help raise money to fund the website. For more information, please visit and

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