Free FLV Player Created by Software Development Resource Enables Customers to View FVL Files

Software Development Resource Company develops different convenient software applications, most of which are available for free. One of these free products is flv player that helps users watch their favorite files in Flash Video format.


Salem, OR -- (SBWire) -- 02/10/2014 --FLV files that are also known as Flash Video files, are creates by Adobe company for watching video on the Internet. They are a container file format that plays equally well video and audio, as well as high and low quality pictures. Due to their capability to easily stream, FLV files are widely used and more websites make use of this format. Even popular video sites like YouTube and others use them.

Although all windows systems support Flash video, Apple still does not allow it for iOS. If users encounter problems with watching FLV files, they should look no further than free FLV Player created by Software Development Resource.

Being a lightweight and convenient media player that effectively runs all FLV files, free FLV Player can be of a great help to regular internet users. It is so simple and user-friendly that adults and children can easily interact with it, taking advantage of its features. With this media player, people can use full screen mode, volume controls, skipping forward and backward and more. This smart FLV player will help people, in case they download files they are unable to run, so downloading of this software application on their pc is a good idea.

The SDR FLV player is free and works well on almost all operating systems. It is stable and works efficiently with all FLV files, regardless of their size and quality. Even the encrypted or corrupted files will not cause any problem to the system, if the user uses this free FLV player. So users may conveniently watch and enjoy videos in the most popular flash video format without any annoying problems.

Except for different streaming videos and movies, FLV player will allow people to conveniently browse different news and sport websites, as they make use of FLV players as well.

To experience the full benefits of using a free SDR FLV player, people can download it here and compare its functions with other players. They will find out that this player is effortless and smooth, easy to work with and does not shut down abruptly. In addition, it is so lightweight and does not require a lot of memory to run efficiently.

Therefore, the SDR free FLV player is a suitable and effective product that is easily compatible, requires little memory space and allows users to enjoy browsing through different websites that make use of the popular FLV format.

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SoftDevResource ( is an Oregon based company that specializes in custom software products to make the life of internet users more enjoyable. The skillful team of young developers that works for this reputable company offers a variety of free products for users to download. Additional audio and video services are offered to the interested businesses and individuals.

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