Toronto Indie Rock Trio We Were Heads Drop Vinyl Split

We Were Heads is proud to announce their split 7” vinyl that they have released with another Toronto band, Les Expulses. It features two songs by each group and is being distributed in Toronto as a collectors item for music fans.

Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWire) -- 02/11/2014 --In addition to their four recordings and upcoming EP, Toronto indie rock trio We Were Heads has released a 7” vinyl split to expand both their reach in the local scene and the accessibility of their music via vinyl. The group lent their own unique touch to the split, which will be distributed throughout their hometown to encourage growth of their lively fan base.

We Were Heads is an ambitious trio of talented musicians who are inspiring people with both their music and their actions in the community at large. They are Peter Beales on guitar and vocals, Dan Edwards on bass and vocals and Evan Sidawi on drums and vocals. The three combine their creative potential, musical abilities and drive to create a strong body of work that has become the four recordings they have already released. The four recordings and upcoming split are the fruits of a group that has been jamming together since high school and are now dedicating their time, hearts and souls to this band around the clock.

Their alt-indie sound is inspired by the influential 90s bands that came before them. They are often compared to Fugazi and Dinosaur Jr., both of whom are two of the musical influences they name. Compared also to Kut You Up and Blood Brothers, the trio also names Sonic Youth and the Pixies as inspirations for both soundscapes and pop structure, respectively.

As for song concepts, We Were Heads draws inspiration from their home city of Toronto and the people who surround them, many of whom are other artists and musicians who inspire them to always work toward their best creative potential. They not only contribute music to the local music scene, but they also dedicate their time and talents to promote and develop the city’s underground artists and musicians. The back and forth exchange of art and creativity is what drives them to create the unique sound that has already brought them early successes.

They’ve been busy recording, having released four recordings in the past five years, including Vegetable Pastiche EP (2009), Sunsounds of the Underground EP (2010), Trash Factory LP and their latest single, “Whistling Dog Rickster.” They’ve progressed steadily from one effort to the next and will continue growing together as a band through every future recording they have planned.

We Were Heads is proud to announce an upcoming split 7” vinyl that they are releasing with another Toronto band, Les Expulses. It will feature two songs by each group and is being distributed in Toronto as a collectors item for fans of the bands.

They will also have their track “Great Canadian Rock Song” featured on WiFi PR Group’s Indie Anthems Vol. 4, set to be released at SXSW in March 2014.
As for other future endeavors, We Were Heads are planning to record and release the EP they’ve been writing in mid-2014 along with a few music videos.

In addition to being musicians, We Were Heads are the founders and operators of Toronto music and art community, Wolfshirt Records. The collective brings together artists and people alike and provides an atmosphere wherein everyone can feed off of each other’s positive creative energy. Wolfshirt Records is primarily known for their event Wolfshirt Family Hour where artists and musicians collaborate to create a performance of both music and visuals.

You can find We Were Heads’ music online on their bandcamp page and Wolfshirt Records’ online store as well as at their live performances. Check out videos for “Whadya Wana Go to the Beach for,” “Dr. Donald D. Ronald” and “You Like the Shop, Pops?” on YouTube.

About We Were Heads Music
Vegetable Pastiche EP (2009)
Sunsounds of the Underground EP (2010)
Trash Factory LP (2012)
“Whistling Dog Rickster” Single (2013)

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