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Atlantic City, NJ -- (SBWire) -- 02/26/2014 --Local dating service, South Jersey Matchmakers, helps local singles become successful in the South Jersey dating world with their invaluable feedback and dating coaching!

Everyone out there has probably started a new job project without getting feedback from an outside person. With no one to consult with, how can anyone be sure what they’re doing is a good job? With no benchmark to measure up against, how can anyone know they’re on the right track? How can anyone be successful in this type of environment? This is why athletes have trainers and why students have teachers to go over their assignments, and why employees have managers to check up on them on a daily basis.

When people are so accustomed to getting feedback in order to be more successful in life, why is it so many South Jersey singles leave their dating life up to themselves? With a professional dating experts like South Jersey Matchmakers, singles no longer have to feel this isolation in the dating world. A crucial part of the services provided by South Jersey Matchmakers is to follow up with each client after each introduction to see exactly how things progress. The matchmakers ask for feedback from each of them and use this information to narrow down the search for their ideal partner.

It can be weird at first to have a third party be present on a search for finding love, but the outside eye and feedback is an invaluable tool when it comes to finding love, explains South Jersey Matchmakers. The matchmakers are able to directly ask each party how they felt about each other; singles would not be able to get this type of feedback on their own. This type of approach beats speculating with each other’s friends for hours over cocktails on why their date never called them back.

Local singles need to understand that if they’re having troubles getting past second and third dates, it could be because of something that could easily be altered—wouldn’t anyone want to have this advantage in the dating world? This is where the dating experts at South Jersey Matchmakers come into play.

Many singles, especially those who have just come out of a long term relationship or those who are divorced or widowed aren’t familiar with the new dating rules and/or might need a little advice when it comes to dating tips—and this is where the dating professionals at South Jersey Matchmakers work their magic.

Having a matchmaker work side by side with them allows local singles to realize the mistakes they’re making and correct them so they can be successful on upcoming introductions.

About South Jersey Matchmakers
South Jersey Matchmakers is an alternative to online dating. With over 25 years of experience introducing and bringing happy couples together, the dating professionals at South Jersey Matchmakers have what it takes to help local singles looking for love.

Local singles who want to benefit from the services provided by South Jersey Matchmakers can call (856) 438-5859 or visit their website for more information:

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