Introducing the South Beach Smoke AIR

South Beach Smoke, one of the premier brands of electronic cigarettes has announced the impending release of a revolutionary new product, the South Beach Smoke AIR.


Miami, FL -- (SBWire) -- 02/26/2014 --South Beach Smoke, one of the premier brands of electronic cigarettes has announced the impending release of a revolutionary new product, the South Beach Smoke AIR. The AIR, an advanced personal vaporizer model, is a new concept for the company, whose sole focus up until this point has been on two-piece electronic cigarettes. As more electronic cigarette users transition from basic models to advanced vaporizers, South Beach Smoke is now catering to an even larger market.

The South Beach Smoke AIR has been created to offer users an additional option in an upgraded electronic cigarette model. The difference between a vaporizer and a standard two-piece electronic cigarette is the level of power, a higher level of performance, and the ability to control more of the unit with added options. The palm-sized AIR boasts a sleek, modern appearance, with an attractive stainless steel body. It is small, yet incredibly stylish and will appeal to both male and female users. Along with releasing this new type of electronic cigarette, South Beach Smoke will also be adding to their selection an extensive line of American made e-liquids, created by their sister brand, Vapor Zone, for use with both the AIR, as well as with their current line of two-piece e-cigarettes. More than 50 flavors will be available, and customers will have the option to custom blend them to create additional flavor blends.

In an industry full of experimental users, being able to mix and match flavors gives South Beach Smoke an edge over competition brands. Being able to custom blend flavors, using up to three different flavors and a variety of single or double shots, users have the opportunity to choose an array of over 30,000 different flavors. This is unprecedented in the market at this time, making this the only company to offer such options.

South Beach Smoke is one of the top brands of electronic cigarettes in existence, having received a great amount of success since their launch in 2010. Being one of the most recognized brands, South Beach Smoke has become known for their outstanding technology, advanced batteries, and high-quality USA-made e-liquids. With a long history of customer satisfaction and continuously updated products, expanding in the direction of personal vaporizers is something many customers have requested.

“We are very excited about the coming launch of our new product, the South Beach Smoke AIR” said a representative from South Beach Smoke. “We have always been at the forefront of technology in the electronic cigarette market, and we are pleased to offer our customers an additional option that promises exceptional power and performance.”

South Beach Smoke is one of the only brands on the market to offer quality on such a high level, and still manage to retain affordable pricing. Their electronic cigarettes offer an alternative to traditional cigarettes, enabling users to have a similar experience to smoking, without the involvement of tobacco. Since their inception, South Beach Smoke has received high praise from industry insiders as well as their large clientele. Their success is owed to great visibility in marketing, maintaining excellent quality standards, and offering a very wide selection of electronic cigarette products that includes a variety of different starter kits, Express starter kits, disposable e-cigarettes, a great range of accessories, and many options to choose from for flavor and nicotine. South Beach Smoke is also very popular amongst their customers because of their understanding in what the customer is looking for, and their keen insight in being ahead of the trends.

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Since their launch in 2010, South Beach Smoke has emerged as one of the leading brands of electronic cigarettes. Trusted among their users, and known for their stylish appeal and excellent quality, South Beach Smoke has acquired numerous industry accolades, and maintains a great level of industry acceptance for their products. For more information, please visit

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