Aged Health Insurance Leads Can Be Just as Valuable as Real-Time Leads

Newtown Sq, PA -- (SBWire) -- 03/12/2014 --Are real-time leads better than aged leads?

“There are a number of people who feel that aged health insurance leads are just as valuable as real-time leads. Your point of view is typically based on your personal experience with working both kinds of leads,” suggested Clelland Green, RHU and CEO of “If you’ve had the most success with real-time leads, you may begin to work them exclusively for the immediate future. However, aged leads do provide some good mining potential.”

Aged leads have been through the wringer. They have probably been worked by far too many agents without any sales recorded. In most cases, a long period of time has passed since that person first asked for information.

But aged leads can be smart leads — exactly because there was no sale in the first round of contact from agents. “Sort of like second- or third-time-lucky kind of thinking,” added Green. “It’s hard to know for certain if an aged prospect moved on and got insurance somewhere else, or if he or she never wants to talk to an insurance agent again. But if enough time has passed, he or she may become open to having a discussion and may still want and need health insurance.”

Most, if not all Americans, know that they will be fined without some form of health insurance. Older leads are well worth working, especially now. Certainly there will be dud leads, dead leads, questionable leads and maybe even leads that want a different kind of insurance than they once did.

However, you can offer more than just health insurance options; some potential customers may have asked for information so long ago that they have forgotten about it. “In all reality, a lead is still a lead, no matter how old it might be. It just depends on your perspective and drive to build a business,” said Green.

Even if an aged lead runs to 90 days old, it may still be a good option to call. Moreover, these kinds of leads are less expensive than other real-time options. Try combining aged leads with real-time leads. The results may be better than you might expect.

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