Send a Rose to Philippines Campaign: Different Meanings of Rose Colors


Quezon City, Philippines -- (SBWire) -- 03/03/2014 --Part of Regalo Manila’s campaign is to introduce people to the wonderful world of flowers. They launched the campaign around a week ago and they plan to widen their campaign by releasing not only some informational materials about different roses but also create some events that can stimulate the interest of their target market. One such event is the disclosure of meanings for different rose colors.

Regalo Manila is a company that specializes on sending flowers, gifts and other items to the Philippines. They get orders from abroad as their items are priced in dollar and the company delivers the items to their recipients in the Philippines. They have some dedicated delivery men who delivers each item personally to the recipient’s door to ensure that the quality of the flowers, food and other items are kept intact and they also have a team of customer service representatives who can handle issues between customers and the delivery team. With over 5 years of experience on the field, the company is not only considered as a veteran but also a pioneer in the industry of gift delivery.

Since Regalo Manila is a company that deals with gift delivery which mostly comprised of flowers, they have also taken it in them to educate people about flowers. Unlike other gift items, flowers are not sent for the prestige. Instead, they are sent because of their meaning. Because flowers carry a special meaning not only for the one who sent it but also for the person who will receive it, Regalo Manila wants to add another layer of meaning that will make the flower more special than what it already is. With this in mind, Regalo Manila has decided to include the rose meanings in their campaign. They are doing this in hopes to widen the knowledgebase of their target market as well as encourage them to send more flowers to their loved ones in the Philippines.

Here are the meanings that they have included in their campaign.

Red Roses – Red roses always act as a symbol for true love. As a gift, it is often used to denote unending love and passion for someone. However, it can also be used as a sign of pain as it has been used across history and religions. The beauty of a red rose never fades. Time may change people’s lifestyles but these flowers will continue to win the hearts of people as soon as they lay their eyes on them.

White Roses – One only needs to take a glimpse at a white rose to know that it stands for purity. There is something so beautiful about it that it instantly connects a person to a peaceful memory. While it is mostly used in funerals, white roses is also an option for religious couples or for people who want to offer pure, untarnished love to their partners.

Pink Roses – A lighter version of the passionate red rose, a pink rose offers a more gentle approach to love. In fact, it symbolizes gentleness, pure love and gratitude. Pink roses are often the kind of gift given to someone with a pure spirit. It may be the person is gentler and warm. In any case, it is a gift that will always pique the interest of most women because of its light and gentle color.

Yellow Roses – Less threatening than red roses, yellow roses are great for people who just want to send flowers to make someone’s day. In essence, it symbolizes friendship and joy. This makes it a perfect gift for a best friend or a family member. In fact, it is the perfect flower for cheering up someone who’s sick or having a bad day. Today, it is also used by unique couples or women who prefer other colored roses compared to the classic pink, red and white.

Purple Roses – Purple always denotes royalty. You may have seen it as a color that’s present in the clothes of royalty or worn in very important events. But when it comes to flowers, it is only given to someone who is important. People usually give these to their partners if they want to treat their partners as royalty (as if to treat them as a princess or as a prince).

Orange Roses – As orange is a color between red and yellow, it can be seen as a type of rose that is between the passion and true love of a red rose and the friendship of a yellow rose. This is the reason why orange roses are quite popular for people who want to offer mixed emotions. In fact, it is the perfect gift for people who are already in a relationship with other people or with someone who is already married. In some cases, it is quite popular as accents and gifts for Halloween because orange resonates with the color of the season.

Blue Roses – Perhaps the rarest of them all is the blue rose. Perhaps it is because blue roses are not created naturally. Instead, white roses are colored blue until they achieve the classic blue rose look. Because of its nature, a blue rose is often a gift for someone who is unique. In fact, it is used to honor someone’s unique personality. It signifies that a person is simply irreplaceable which is why it is the most expensive rose out of the bunch.

Including all of these rose meanings in their campaign, Regalo Manila hopes to not only enrich their market’s knowledge about flowers but also increase their appreciation for flowers that would have looked ordinary if not for its symbolic meanings.

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