Tweets from Hitler and Others Stream Hashtag Histories in New Kindle Series

Philip Gibson introduces a new literary format after asking: What if social media had existed in the 20th century? In his Hashtag Histories series for Kindle #Berlin45, #Tokyo45 and #Havana62 a dramatic first person view of history emerges from the imagined tweets and facebook posts of world leaders.


Vientiane, Laos -- (SBWire) -- 03/12/2014 --British born author and teacher Philip Gibson brings World War II and Cold War history into the immediacy of the social media age with his innovative Kindle ebook series Hashtag Histories.

The author of over 30 books on ESL, history, and historical fiction imagined the social media status updates of key historical figures to craft the Hashtag Histories. The closing days of World War II are illustrated in #Berlin45 and #Tokyo45 that feature Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Truman, Hirohito, and many others. The newest title #Havana62 just published in February advances to the Cuban missile crisis.

Reviews in the Amazon Kindle store have called Hashtag Histories “as addictive as potato chips” and “brilliant in its simplicity.”

To project history through a social media lens, Gibson meticulously researched the day-by-day details of historical figures to develop social media updates of their hourly and daily thoughts.

In #Berlin45: The Final Days of the Third Reich published in the U.S. and at Amazon UK the tweets flow along among people on all sides of World War II.

From #Berlin45:

Adolf Hitler @AHitler
Morell tried to give me morphine this morning. He and others may be attempting to knock me out so I can be transported to Berchtesgaden.

Wilhelm Keitel @WKeitel
I met General Wenck and told him that he and his 12th. Army can save Germany. He said he would do what he could.

Eva Braun @EBraun
The Führer has dismissed Doctor Morell and so has not received any medication today.

Adolf Hitler @AHitler
The business with Weidling was a misunderstanding. I have therefore appointed him Commander of the Berlin Defense Area.

Hashtag Histories continue in #Tokyo45: The Final Days of World War II also at Amazon UK. It reveals the actions and thoughts of major players in the Pacific theater leading up to the Japanese surrender.

Gibson said, “The result is an accurate, gripping and page-turning account of the war’s final days, providing an apparent front row seat from which to observe the thoughts and actions of the main participants.”

Moving into the Cold War, Gibson presents the worldwide terror of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis in #Havana62: To the Brink of Nuclear War also sold at Amazon UK. Tweets from John F. Kennedy, Nikita Khrushchev, and Fidel Castro combine to reveal a significant global experience.

Gibson describes himself as “a ridiculously well-traveled English teacher” who has lived in England, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, and currently resides near the Laotian capital Vientiane. He plans to produce more histories written with his unique social media feeds. The next title in the Hashtag Histories series is #Houston70: The Miracle Journey of Apollo 13 to be released later this year.

Readers interested in experiencing history through this new literary style can sample the ebooks with the look inside tool at Amazon, add them to their shopping wish lists, or buy the Kindle ebook or paperback. Amazon prime members have free access to the ebooks.

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