Black Caviar: Literature's Lady Gaga, Psymon H, Redefines Fiction Through Unstoppable Psychological Thrills

Unlike most indie authors who opt to repackage the ‘same old’ narratives, Psymon H has smashed onto the literary scene with gusto to prove that originality really does pay off. His debut ‘Black Caviar’ series has not only been compared to hit TV shows such as Breaking Bad and the Wire – but is poised to continue pushing literature’s boundaries to make its author a household name.

Spokane, WA -- (SBWire) -- 03/11/2014 --While self-publishing has opened the dream of becoming an author to millions, most indie authors rush to publication by recycling age-old narratives without offering readers something new. Defying this culture, as well as just about every other literary norm, is British-born Psymon H – who is shunning convention and expectations to carve his own place in literary history.

To date, Psymon H has released two volumes of his ‘Black Caviar’ series. ‘I’m Living But I’m Not Alive’ and ‘Collision Course’ introduce readers to Daman – the gangster Al Capone wishes he was. Without giving too much away, Daman’s forays thrust readers into the dark and manipulative underworld of greed, drugs and sex.

“I urge my readers to buckle up, because there are many sharp corners in my narratives without breaks. By blurring the lines between fact and fiction, my ingenious characters will pull readers in and leave them questioning what they would do in the same situations,” says Psymon H.

Continuing, “Aside from its natural thrilling nature, the books have quite a serious undertone. Both narratives examine moral ambiguity, human nature and how it governs relationships in deeply complex situations. See it as a cross-over between highly original fiction and a psychological examination of the human condition. I’m currently working on book three, due for release later this year.”

Reviews for both books have been extremely positive.

“Wow, heart pound from the first chapter! The entire book felt like watching a movie, raw emotion and a wonderfully crafted story line. The characters were so perfectly developed, I felt deeply connected to all of them, even the villain. Psymon H. did such a great job I could feel all of it, and see it like I was there, or even watching it on the big screen. I had planned to read this over a few nights, or maybe a week, but I quickly found myself reading through this in one evening without putting it down!” says ValiantM, who reviewed ‘I’m Living But I’m Not Alive’ on Amazon.

‘Collision Course’ has also garnered critical acclaim. For example, reader Michelle Stanley writes, “It is obvious from reading that the author, Psymon H. spent time developing the cast, making you become fond of the combination of "love me, hate me" personas of these characters. The dialogue is not forced, and the plot has a natural setting that reflects the drug scenario in today's society. Black Caviar: Collision Course is a book I found rather difficult to put down due to its exciting content.”

Both volumes in the ‘Black Caviar’ series are available now: Book one is available for free download on the 17th and 18th of March 2014.


“Move over Al Capone, There's New Gangsta In Chi Town, and his name is Daman. He's vicious, calculative and a genius in his own right. "I'm Living But I'm Not Alive" was the scary contradiction he uttered every night since the murder of his brother.

28 years later, the well renowned chess player sharpens the blades of capitalism with the American dream wet stone, and finds himself at the top table in the city's underworld. Rubbing shoulders with the Chicago Mayor, gives him amenities beyond the normal gangster's scope. He lives life as if it's the only thing he has.

On one hand, the devilishly good looking charmer is a family man, but on the other, he’s the head of Chicago’s most infamous D Organization. His hard and unforgiving exterior secretes a weakness that is exposed in the form of Jane, the series black widow. Please don't be fooled by her passion for high heels and sexy undergarments. She assumes the lingerie she displays is more than 'Agent Provocateur.' As she remembers from her days at law school, the words are a French legal term for "entrapment."

Tonight, the two meet at a luxurious boat party, which sparks a fear-provoking journey into the unknown. Can Daman avoid her mind-bending games, which threaten to loosen his grip on the Windy City's windpipe, or will Jane get caught up in her own sticky web of deceit and pay the ultimate price?

One thing’s sure; Daman will understand what the great Abraham Lincoln once said: Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.”

About Psymon H
Psymon H is a British born writer, dubbed the ‘author’s version of Lady Gaga,’ for his unique writing style and natural flair for expressing his thoughts on paper. His thriller eBook series, ‘Black Caviar’ has lured readers into the deep, dark, manipulative underworld of greed, drugs and sex. One reviewer stated that his first book “I’m Living But I’m Not Alive,” was as if Raymond Chandler were influenced by serialized crime shows like Breaking Bad or The Wire. Genre-wise, it's entirely its own thing.

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