Geosports Creator Seeks Funding for Revolutionary New Mobile App

Geosports founder is seeking funding through Kickstarter campaign to complete new application.

Montreal, Canada -- (SBWire) -- 03/11/2014 --A new mobile app is coming that’s set to revolutionize the way people socialize, play sports and exercise.  Geosports  is a one of a kind app that allows diverse individuals to schedule and gather to play sports on the go. To facilitate its completion, Geosports owner, Simon Chevalier, announced that his firm has launched a funding campaign for the project on  Kickstarter .

“Geosports lets you advertise the sport you want to play, the time and date you are available, and instantly sends notifications to everyone in your immediate vicinity who shares the same interest,” said Geosports owner, Simon Chevalier.

Geosports allows users to send a blanket invitation to individuals in a specific geographical location for a friendly game of virtually any sports activity, from basketball and hockey to soccer. Any Geosports user in that locale can arrive at the venue to participate.

Better than traditional texting and email that only relies on existing contacts, Geosports enables users to make new friends that share the same interests. The app will be available for the Android and iPhone operating system.

All contributions will go toward finishing the app, hiring necessary personnel for graphics, testing and proofing, and adding additional features. The app will be free and offer a premium service that awards GeoPoints that can be used to purchase extra features. Each monetary pledge will receive a Notification Area Radius of a half kilometer and the ability to create one event at a time.

A link to the contributor’s profile and a basic search engine will also be included. If the funding goal is attained, statistical tools will be available to all. Premium accounts will feature customizable upgrades in the Notification Area Radius and multiple event creation, along with advanced analytics, an advanced search engine and league management.

As a founder, individuals will receive advance notification for special company events, updates and improvements. Bronze level donors will receive a personalized sponsor certificate and silver contributors receive a monthly amount of Geopoints. Gold level founders also receive an extended Event Notification Radius.

Geosports is the first mobile application of its kind, allowing sports enthusiasts to schedule, meet and play with other individuals on the go. It’s an innovative and creative way to meet new like-minded people, socialize and have fun.

Fans can follow Geosports on  FacebookTwitterTumblr ,  Pinterest , and Instagram . For more information about Geosports or to schedule an interview with Chevalier, he can be reached via email at or by sending a Tweet @TCGeosports

About Geosports
Geosports is a software company based in Montreal, Canada. The firm seeks to bring sports enthusiasts together in a global online community to participate in their favorite sports in real-time through the use of technology.

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