Free Energy Start Up, Seeks Funds to Create Free Magnetic Energy Source for Everybody

Frankfurt, Germany -- (SBWire) -- 03/12/2014 --Magnets can produce free energy according to Free Energy Start Up Company, Freee, who is currently in the process of developing magnetic cells for use in cars, home appliances, buildings and other devices.

The company is seeking funds to aid in the initial development process of these magnetic cells meant to provide access to an energy source 24/7 without cost. While Freee does have much of the technology and components already developed, they need to create energy modules with different sizes and amps. Their goal is to create the magnetic cells for global and public use. Their indigogo fundraising site states that their motives are to create and manufacture the Freee cells without receiving subsidies. Their goal is “to enable a free future-oriented power supply for everybody,” they state on

“Freee is an independent energy system which takes no more than its component and production costs. The cell can be used individually and every where,” the indiegogo site states. The creators of this energy alternative see its global benefits as offering a cost effective alternative to costly and limited fuel resources, easy energy access for third world countries, and pollution free energy.

The technology behind the magnetic Freee cell includes transforming magnetic power into electrical energy by using a dynamo. The cell itself will include several plug systems to enable the ability to charge or provide a power source for all devices. Three styles of cells are being developed to handle different energy needs. For example, the at home cell will offer 110 to 220 volts or 50 to 60 Hz or 20 to 40A.

The free energy start-up company is asking for help to continue complementary research, material tests, advanced technical requirements and the development of maintenance-free prototypes. They aim to have a permit for a full-fledged use of Freee “the independent energy system” no later than 2018. Donations can be made at their indiegogo fundraising page in amounts ranging from 1 Euro to 130 Euros. Each donation comes with a perk ranging from a t-shirt to DIY kit on how to use Freee.

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