Dr. Rachna Mehra - Ayurveda Solves Hair Loss Issue Easily

Hair loss is a major problem for everyone these days, especially with teenagers & young adults. However Dr. Rachna Mehra says that Ayurveda medicine system can effectively solve hair loss problem.

Miami, FL -- (SBWire) -- 03/14/2014 --Hair is just a dead tissue. But still, hair reflects the beauty & personality of a person. Everyone desires their hair to have a good growth and have a natural attractive color. Increasing pollution, changing lifestyle & eating habits, increasing mental stress and many other factors have led to making hair loss a common problem these days. Health and genetic disorders also create problem of hair loss.

Dr. Rachna Mehra says that Ayurveda has easy home remedies for many common health problems and hair loss stands no different to this fact. Dr. Rachna Mehra says that Indian gooseberry is very helpful in enhancing hair growth and curing hair loss. She highly recommends a teaspoon of water proportionately mixed with powder of Indian gooseberry and sesame seeds for daily consumption. Dr. Rachna Mehra has done thorough research in Ayurveda over the years and undoubtedly she has few more solutions to hair loss problems.

She lists the following additional Ayurvedic remedies for hair loss problem:-

- Applying a paste of grinded curry leaves mixed with buttermilk on hair for an hour and then washing hair with herbal shampoo.

- Massaging hair thrice a week with oil made from boiled mixture of coconut oil & Indian gooseberry.

Dr. Rachna Mehra says that balanced nutrition is also very important for having rich hair and avoiding hair loss problems. She firmly advises to avoid extremely spicy & oily food, and excessive drinking of tea, coffee, alcoholic & aerated drinks. She highly recommends consuming more fresh fruits, green vegetables, and vegetable juice of carrot & lettuce.

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Dr. Rachna Mehra with her deep interest, knowledge and favorable experience in Ayurveda has always proved that Ayurveda has the capability to solve any acute health problem. Her diligence in the field of Ayurveda over the years has proved that Ayurveda can cure even the most complex health problems with a naturalistic approach.

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