Silent Emergencies: Veteran Doctor's New Book Exposes Politics' Life-Threatening Impact on Medicine

Recounting the hugely-successful life and career of Dr. Hossein Ghadimi, ‘Silent Emergencies’ also proves how uninformed bureaucracy can rapidly overwhelm the advice and decisions of medical professionals. With patients left unable to complain and often risking premature death, the silent killer of politics is exposed in this searing autobiography.

Naples, FL -- (SBWire) -- 03/26/2014 --Now 91 years-old, Dr. Hossein Ghadimi can vividly remember and recount the history and significance of his many medical breakthroughs as a research physician. From reducing premature infant mortality rates in hospitals from 58% to 8%, to solving the puzzle of the so-called ‘Chinese Restaurant Syndrome’ – Dr. Ghadimi’s career has been no regular day at the office.

However, while he’d like to write purely about his accomplishments, Dr. Ghadimi’s intense new autobiography instead exposes the sad price his profession has had to pay in the wake of politics; a price that not only ignores the dire plight of tens of thousands of patients, but forced the author out of the job at the height of his prominence and academic success.

Everything is detailed in ‘Silent Emergencies’ – a book that is vital reading for anyone in the medical or political arenas.


Autobiography of the eventful life of a pediatrician who had two scholarships (London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital and Harvard Medical School), made significant contributions to the field of intravenous nutrition and reduced the mortality rate of prematurely born babies from 58% to 8%. His other significant breakthroughs include the treatment and prevention of ‘intractable diarrhea” in infancy, describing Histidinemia and the deciphering of “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome”.

Then, at the height of his career, this pediatrician and medical researcher, head of the department of pediatrics at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, was given 24 hours by the hospital administration to pack up his labs and his office and leave the premises. The medical departments heads and physicians at large objected vehemently to this abrupt and cavalier dismissal and the case was headed to court, only to be derailed by politics, ultimately leaving fragile prematurely born newborn patients without the critical care they desperately needed. Unbelievable as it sounds, this all happened in the U.S.A., and the life-saving procedure he invented was abandoned.

“Our Brooklyn hospital was leading the world in terms of research and breakthroughs in the field of intravenous nutrition, until the Board of Trustees got a new Chairman with a dictatorial attitude and political agenda. His primary mission was to control the doctors and tame the medical staff. I was one of the first victims, being given 24 hours to leave the hospital, even though I’d just cracked the code to cutting infant mortalities among premature babies from over 50% to just 8%,” says Dr. Ghadimi.

Continuing, “This book outlines my achievements, but more importantly, it is also a sobering reflection on the defeat suffered at the hands of a hospital administration run amok and operating without regard to medical ethics or principles of simple fairness. Perhaps it is inevitable that business and political considerations should intrude into the realm of medicine in our modern society, but it has tragic consequences when we allow such political considerations to eclipse the medical judgments of our doctors and to dominate the moral values of our society.”

Dr. Ghadimi’s work is already proving popular among doctors, nurses, lawyers and anyone wanting to hear about the real powers that be in a profession designed only to do good.

‘Silent Emergencies’ is available now:

About Dr. Hossein Ghadimi
Dr. Hossein Ghadimi was born in the Soviet Union, raised in Iran, and has been a citizen of the United States since 1964. Dr. Ghadimi has four children, two boys and two girls. The eldest, Ramin, is a computer engineer living in Austin, Texas, Roya, is a psychiatrist in private practice and living in Naples, FL, Rene’ is a finance lawyer living in Chicago, IL, and Giselle is a personal trainer, also living in Naples, FL. Dr. Ghadimi’s wife, Ingeborg has written two books of her own entitled “Caught in the Storm” and “On Foreign Shores”. “Caught in the Storm” describes the conditions growing up in Germany during and after World War II.

Dr. Ghadimi’s latest academic work was professor of Pediatrics at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. And head of the department of pediatrics at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn. Later he went on to private practice in the area of metabolic disease and fuel economy in humans. He has written over 50 professional articles, described a new disease (Histidinemia) and has been an early pioneer in the area of intravenous nutrition. In the role he was a prescient critic of the then current medical practices and standards involving intravenous nutrition, warning the FDA as early as the 1970s of the dangerous consequences of the administration of inadequate amino acid solutions to critically ill patients. Dr. Ghadimi also edited a book entitled ‘Total Perenteral Nutrition: Premises and Promises’, which was one of the earliest treatises on the subject of hyperalimentation.

At the age of 91, Dr. Ghadimi lives in Naples, Florida.

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