The Taming: Fantastical Book Is Debut Release from Anticipated New Publisher

Elgin, IL -- (SBWire) -- 04/03/2014 --Mortimer J. Adler once said, “Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.”

Huntly House, a new publishing outfit founded by Craig Furtick, sees their mission as something of a reflection of Adler’s assertion. Existing to encourage its readers to live nobly and well, Huntly House endeavors to provide and promote the kind of literature that stirs both the imagination and the soul.

‘The Taming’, the first release from Huntly House, proves the publisher is committed to that goal. Written by Atticus Krum, ‘The Taming’ is set in the vibrant East Coast of Florida, and follows the journey of a young shrew named Thutter who finds himself at the heart of a conflict as ancient as time itself. Embarking on a quest with his friends, Thutter must protect those he loves and the Glade where he lives from a darkness that threatens to annihilate his world.

Vividly imagined, richly detailed and packed to the brim with wondrous new creatures, ‘The Taming’ is more than just a voyage of discovery; at its core, the novel is a rumination on the power of faith and the enduringness of true friendship.


When a mysterious Creature appears just beyond the Hollow bearing a shiny object, it is urgent news for those living within the Refuge, especially the Council of the Glade. However, for a young shrew named Thutter McClutter, and his three friends, it becomes the occasion for an ill-advised adventure.

To leave the Glade is to break the ancient Code and to surrender the protection of the unseen Elders, Rulers of the Refuge. All the same, the four critters begin their quest with a common goal: to see a real, live Solkreat up close. As they near the strange, two-legged Animal, however, one of the travelers reveals an altogether different agenda. He wants the magic hogseye, the hero-maker which dangles from the Creature's neck. And according to legend, young Thutter can steal it for him. But Thutter's friend isn't the only one coveting the enchanted object. The Beastmonger, a powerful and wicked slitherer, and general of the mighty feri army, will stop at nothing to get it, even murder.

Fortunately, the Elders know this, and they too have a plan for young Thutter. But for the plan to succeed, the tiny shrew will have to trust the Rulers of the Refuge, listening for Their Voice. Otherwise, in the face of great betrayal and tragic death, the young insectivore will lose all hope. He will fail to protect his family and the Glade from grave danger. More so, he will fail to discover his all-important role in the ancient conflict between Light and Darkness.

Huntly House’s founder Craig Furtick, a native of Merritt Island, FL and a retired minister, believes that reading is essential to living the good life. While it is Furtick’s desire that Huntly House becomes known for great storytelling and imaginative literature, it is equally important to him that the publisher helps readers of all ages to see that life lived to the fullest is the life filled with hope and love.

“With novels like ‘The Taming’, we can show the beauty that can be found in the simplest of things,” says Furtick. “Atticus Krum is all about telling inspired stories that focus on what is truly important –being kind, compassionate and having faith. This novel is a perfect example of how vital good stories are to the moral fabric of our culture.”

About Atticus Krum
Atticus Krum resides on a small farm in the Midwest with his albino ferret named Albi. He travels when absolutely necessary, does not care to be photographed, and never smiles. What's more, he dresses almost exclusively in black. He says that the latter is for simplicity’s sake, but the few who know him are certain he's just color blind.

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