Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Review & Analysis - UL1647 Tested

Teeter Hang Ups is the Only Inversion Table UL1647 Tested and Why Inversion Therapy is so Effective for Back Pain & Sciatica Relief

London, UK -- (SBWire) -- 04/08/2014 --Teeter inversion table, the Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 has been receiving high praise and publicity for being an effective inversion therapy apparatus. Its top of the line quality and safety standard have allowed this particular table to be hailed as one of the best inversion tables available today. The recent resurgence of inversion therapy popularity has resulted in an increase in the number of inversion therapy product especially inversion tables…

Teeter is listed to the UL1647 testing standard, which guarantees key safety requirements to ensure endurance and strength of each and every unit manufactured. Teeter is the only inversion table in the entire world that is UL1647 tested.

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The inversion tables are the most common equipment used by people who practice inversion therapy; these allow the user to secure their feet and ankles to the slots allocated for ankles and various other strap and practice inversion therapy on up to eventually 90 degree inversion angle. Other than directing blood flow to the head the inverted position also allows the users to experience spinal decompression of the body due to the gravitational pull.

Why Inversion Therapy?

Inversion therapy is not a new innovation; the concept has been around for centuries, people in the past have used inversion therapy as a way to improve circulation of the blood and relieve different pains and aches. Recent Scientific research has begun to prove how inversion therapy is in fact highly beneficial to relieve back pain.

Through inversion therapy the same gravitational pull that causes the spine to compress and cause back aches, can be used to relieve the pain through the effects of gravitational pull, this also reduces joint pain and improves the circulation of blood to the upper body which itself provides many positive effects to the body. Furthermore, inversion therapy is a great way to get a full body stretch and improve flexibility. As an alternative therapy, Inversion therapy is a completely natural and mostly safe way to treat painful and stressed back muscles and joints. Lisa Powell, Spokesperson for Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 stated in her review:

“On the face of it, this looks like just another inversion table. Once you take a closer look though, you’ll find an inversion table brimming with cool features and innovation.”

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-560:

The teeter hang up 560 is an inversion table which offers full support to the users when inverted; the support will reduce the pressure on knees and other joints when the users are suspended from their feet. The state of the art design and quality provides a gentle inversion therapy experience which effectively allows the gravity to work its magic and alleviate tension from the bones and muscles to relieve painful joints and back. In her review Lisa informs:

“The UL certified frame is extremely sturdy and safe. There is no doubt that this frame will last a long, long time.”

What are the Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Inversion Table Reviews Saying:

Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 inversion table reviews across the internet have been unanimously positive. Many people who have used the EP 560 inversion table have claim that through regular use of the table they have been able to reap maximum benefits of inversion therapy and have witnessed a positive effect to their overall health and especially their back pain issues. Most Teeter hang ups EP-560 reviews also praise the quality and safety standards of the inversion table. Lisa Powell in her in depth review of the latest EP-560 review investigates what makes EP-560 a far more superior inversion table than others.

Where to buy the Teeter Hang Ups EP-560?

Due to the sheer volume of different inversion table on offer right now, people are confused about which ones to buy and from where. Like many other online products the safest bet is to buy Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 directly from the original website to avoid any expensive mistakes and to ensure that the table is 100% original and reliable.

Why buy at the original Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 site?

Lisa Powell, the spokesperson for Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 urges buyers to only trust the original website when they buy the Teeter Hang ups EP-560 Sport Inversion Table to ensure originality and to avoid any problems in the future.

“Extreme caution must be used when purchasing Teeter Hang Ups. Since there are countless websites now promoting this product, consumers can easily become very confused.”

The original website will provide the best offer on the table and customer services. Furthermore, on the Original website people can avail an Exclusive limited time Free Trail offer on the Teeter Hang Ups EP-560, allowing them to only pay once they are sure of the effectiveness of the EP-560.

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