Between Melamine and Porcelain, Which One Makes the Better Tableware Material?

Philadephia, PA -- (SBWire) -- 04/10/2014 --The use of porcelain to make dinnerware dates back to thousands of years while the use of melamine only started somewhere in the 1960s. Today, few decades later after melamine was first introduced, answer to the question on which of the two makes the better tableware material remains elusive to most people. Porcelain wares present the more elegant option but usually cost more than melamine wares. Then there is the question about melamine safety and the possible leaching of formaldehyde chemical into the food. "The safety question alone is enough to cast fear among many consumers. They simply switch themselves off from melamine wares, which could be to their disadvantage," says Amanda. The truth about melamine dinnerware is not all bad. Fear about melamine has been blown out of proportion. Find out the answer to such myths and questions about tableware selection at TablewareMom.Com and make the right decision about your selection.

The use of porcelain to make dinnerware dates back to thousands of years while the use of melamine only started somewhere in the 1960s. Yet, despite its short history, melamine has seen wide-scale adoption and emerged as strong alternative to porcelain. While there are a number of advantages associated with melamine, there are also few major shortcomings associated with it.

Porcelain is widely regarded as the higher quality alternative. Other than more attractive appearance, procelain wares are able to withstand high heat. This makes it suitable to be used as serving wares and also to be used alongside microwave and baking oven. However, porcelain dinnerware has one major drawback. They are easily breakable when dropped. In addition to the hassle of cleaning the broken pieces, the cost of replacing the broken pieces can be substantial. Restaurant owners and mothers with young children are two who find themselves at the biggest disadvantage.

Enter melamine. The most often touted benefits of melamine are price and break-resistance. The best melamine dinnerware is often priced several times lowered compared to the best procelain dinnerware. Tablewares made of melamine are also not easily broken. To food establishment owners, this means less frequent replacement and better profit. To a mother with young kids, the benefit is more than just price. Broken porcelain pieces lying on the floor can be a real hazard and there is no such threat when melamine wares are used.

Despite all the benefits, there is one major concern often associated with melamine. The concern is a legitimate one but one that has been blown out of proportion in most cases. It is generally advised not to expose melamine wares to microwave oven heating. This is because melamine leakage will occur particularly when the food is highly acidic and heated to extreme temperature of more than 160 Farenheit.

The concern of melamine leakage simply leaves many consumers to rule out melamine dinnerware when they are making their consideration purchases. Most of them mistakenly thought that melamine wares are simply dangerous to use. Only few will go the extra mile of trying to understand the proper context of the concern. "Don't let fear overwhelm you. Understand the pros and cons associated with each type of material and you'll have no problem selecting the best tableware for your home," says Amanda.

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