KBS Reveals New, Affordable and High Performing Paper Shredder Product Range

Karachi, Pakistan -- (SBWire) -- 04/16/2014 --KBS Enterprises already has equipments such as banking, binding and laminating machines before the introduction of paper shredders. KBS has been a pioneer in this industry for more than 7 decades so they already know the general taste of the Pakistani market when it comes to such equipments.

Affordability is on top of their concerns so the company has taken notice and thus the introduction of high performing shredders applicable for different settings with low-cost price tags. The need for  paper shredder machine  has risen because it provides the convenience of easy disposal of different home and office waste as well as ensuring confidential disposal of classified documents.

3-Way Use

KBS cares much for the market that they offer paper shredder products not just for industrial use but also personal utilization. Personal paper shredders are different in that it is designed to be in use for just a few minutes daily. It can handle 10 sheets with each passing. Some shredders can also handle paper clip and pin cutting. They carry the X-5  Paper Shredder  for this category.

The office system is more diverse since office equipment are shared commodities. It can be used for hours and can handle 20 or more normal sheets at a time. Aside from clip and pins, it can also shred CDs, staples, floppy disks and even credit cards. It is generally suitable for learning institutions and small to medium enterprises. Products included in this system are P-IS, G-IS, and W-IS which all differ in sheet capacity.

Industrial paper shredders  on the other hand can handle more robust applications such as high volume shredding of up to 50 sheets and more. It is enough to handle the whole office’s shredding needs. Universities, Military offices, and other large corporations can make use of one. The RS product series completes this system.

The KBS Paper Shredder System Advantage

Since the company wants to provide only the best performing equipments and service, all products procured from the company comes with one year warranty on parts and labor. Return policy is also set for their product range. Another advantage for those interested to purchase a system of their own is free demonstrations. KBS authorized distributors provide this for free for those who are still unconvinced.

Free demonstrations are perfect for those who still have doubts regarding the performance of the company’s product or those that want to see the process happen before their eyes. Demonstrations are pre-arranged according to system preference (office or personal use). Interested buyers can just direct the call to UAN 111-144-144 or email info@kbse.com.pk

Paper shredders are important to major industrial companies whose documents are highly classified and must not be read or obtained by competing firms or other nations. Oaster Paper shredders are designed to accept other high-grade, difficult to destroy materials such as films, computer papers, CDs, staples and credit cards.

Other features include:
- 14-15 sheet capacity
- Electronic auto-start
- Alarm signal when paper bin is full.
- Shredding Style Cross-cut 4×40 mm

About KBS Enterprises
Since 1935, KBS has provided the Pakistani market with unmatched office equipment product and services. Consumers are the reason for the existence of their business and innovation is a way of life for the company.

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