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Asbestos is a hazardous material that must be handled with care. EnviroSolutions, Inc. advises that consumers not try to handle this material on their own, but rather call the professionals to ensure safety and proper disposal.


Manassas, VA -- (SBWire) -- 04/30/2014 --Over the years, we have come to learn that asbestos is incredibly toxic. Luckily, EnviroSolutions, Inc. is certified to handle this dangerous waste.

Asbestos is a mineral fiber resistant to heat and corrosion. It is used in many building projects, including thermal and acoustic insulation, fire proofing, roofing, flooring, and other building materials. Since the early 1900s, asbestos was used in thousands of construction projects before it was known to be dangerous.

Asbestos is now considered a health hazard and its use is highly regulated by OSHA and the EPA. Breathing asbestos fibers is dangerous because it can cause a buildup of scar-like tissue in the lungs called asbestosis, which can result in the loss of lung function. Asbestosis can progress to disability and, eventually, death. Asbestos also causes another deadly disease known as mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a fatal malignant tumor of the membrane lining the cavity of the lung or stomach. The most commonly used asbestos fiber, chyrsotile, can cause mesothelioma in humans.

Fortunately, one of the specialties at EnviroSolutions, Inc. is handling this hazardous waste. Federal and state regulations apply when handling asbestos, and EnviroSolutions is certified to provide such a service.

Representatives from EnviroSolutions, Inc. say it’s important to remember not all asbestos materials are an immediate health hazard. Asbestos must be classified as “friable” to be considered hazardous. Friable asbestos fibers are those which are within a damaged or aged compound and can potentially be released into the air. When friable asbestos needs to be disposed of, people trained to handle it must complete the task. This is because there are a number of governmental regulations in place to ensure that these materials are disposed of properly and safely. Regulations also require appropriate documentation of asbestos, which EnviroSolutions, Inc. does each time a load is hauled to the landfill.

When asbestos removal is needed, a company like EnviroSolutions, Inc. should be contacted.

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