Food 4 Patriots Launches Campaign to Increase Consumer Awareness of GMO Seeds

Nashville, TN -- (SBWire) -- 04/30/2014 --Chipotle recently made headlines when it announced it would be removing all GMOs from their food, wherever possible. Very few restaurants followed suit, however, and the Grocery Manufacturers Association, representing companies such as Kraft and PepsiCo, plan to craft a bill designed to prevent GMO labeling bills at the state level, preferring a federal version rather than separate bills at the state level. "Consumers concerned about foods containing GMOs often plan to grow their own, yet many don't realize that often the seeds they are buying are genetically modified," Timm Bates of Food 4 Patriots explains.

Allen Baler, the founder of Food 4 Patriots and a survival food specialist, points out that Monsanto, a herbicide manufacturer, has created seeds which are genetically modified so they produce crops which are sterile. Doing so prevents a gardener from collecting seeds one year to use the next in the garden.

"This remains of great concern as it has been shown that Monsanto has, in the past, not only sued small farmers, they've also bought up seed companies. This prevents competition in the industry, while also limiting consumer choices. For this reason, people need to be concerned about GMO seeds and if they will be forced to purchase them in the future," Bates continues.

Small seed companies continue to provide seeds that aren't genetically modified to ensure consumers can use them year to year. If a crisis situation arises, one in which the electric grid shuts down or something of that scope, consumers will still have the ability to grow their own food simply by preserving these seeds. Small companies recognize this and work to preserve heirloom varieties which may be saved from year to year.

"The Seed Saver's Exchange signed the Safe Seed Pledge, a pledge created back in 1999 by ten companies committed to avoiding genetically modified seeds, and they are only one of 70 companies to do so. Although many believe it isn't possible to avoid GMO seeds, this isn't the case. Sustainable seeds continue to be available if one knows where to look, and Food 4 Patriots can be of help. Don't delay as genetically modified foods seem to be turning up everywhere. Don't let them appear on your dinner table when it can be easily avoided by purchasing seeds and growing your own food," Bates proclaims.

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Food 4 Patriots offers a step-by-step system designed to help the average consumer become self-reliant, offering 25 year shelf life packages for individuals. Having food on hand during a crisis ensures one does not become dependent on the government to supply the food, a government that may pick and choose who receive these items. Items offered through Food 4 Patriots are of the highest quality as they are made in America using ingredients grown in America. Every family needs to be prepared for a wide range of crisis situations, and Food 4 Patriots functions to make these preparations easier in every way.

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