Supernatural Romance Thriller a Departure for Novelist Greg Sandora

"Gabby, Angel of God" takes a fragile widower on an adventure through supernatural mysteries. This supernatural romance thriller marks a departure for writer Greg Sandora, author of the Jack Canon political thrillers.

Fort Myers, FL -- (SBWire) -- 05/06/2014 --Greg Sandora has unveiled his new novel, a supernatural romance thriller, on "Gabby, Angel of God" tells the story of Bo, a young widower raising two young children. Lonely and longing for the life he had with his deceased wife, Sally, Bo feels that his life has effectively ended and questions the stability of his own mind.

Then Gabby, a powerful angel comes into his life and takes him on an adventure which helps mend his soul. While sitting in the park one afternoon watching his son on the swing-set, yet his mind reminiscing of the tragic and soul-crunching manner his Sally left this Earth, Bo finds himself confronted with a vision which briefly makes him question his sanity.

That vision is of the angel Gabby. Gabby has been sent to Earth for two weeks to take Bo on a remarkable set of adventures, the first of which is a battle with a demon, found torturing an ailing nun in a hospital. As the story unfolds, Bo learns to open up again about the possibilities of life and the vastness of existence and God's plan.

The novel's Amazon blurb says that "Gabby, Angel of God" is a supernatural romance thriller that feels like falling in love again!

"Gabby, Angel of God" is Greg Sandora's third novel, and a departure from the political thrillers of his first two books, the Jack Cannon novels.

"Gabby, Angel of God: Guardian and Messenger: Keeper of Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness and Faith ( A Supernatural Romance Thriller )" is available directly at

About Greg Sandora
Greg Sandora resides in southwest Florida. He has written three novels. His first two "Jack Canon's American Destiny" and "Jack Canon's Women of the House" fall squarely into the political thriller genre. "Gabby, Angel of God" is his third novel and first supernatural romance. Prior to becoming a novelist, Greg built a successful franchise fitness center. Today, he goes where his passions take him with the support of his wife and two children.

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