San Bernardino Hot Tubs Opens for Business, Sets Sights High

New venture aims to exceed expectations and hopes of locals, become premier supplier

San Bernardino, CA -- (SBWire) -- 05/06/2014 --The principals behind San Bernardino Hot Tubs announced that their new venture is now open to the public. Drawing on the combined experience and resources of a number of industry veterans, the business will offer the best hot tub products to residents of the San Bernardino area. After having identified a need in the market for such a purveyor of top-quality hot tubs and related goods, the owners of the new business set about creating an organization which could offer the best service and prices in the area.

"This is an exciting moment for all of us here at San Bernardino Hot Tubs," General Manager Johnny Garvey said, "because we can't wait to deliver the best hot tubs and service that the area has ever seen." With decades of experience with hot tubs shared between them, those behind the founding of the new company feel that they are well-positioned to offer levels of service, product selection, and advice that can not be matched by any other organization in the area. Working together, they have compiled some of their most important findings and recommendations into a concise buyer's guide which is available free of charge at the company's web site.

Long appreciated for their recreational uses, hot tubs are also potent therapeutic tools for a variety of conditions. The owners of San Bernardino Hot Tubs note that their products can be of great use in treating insomnia, as those who make regular use of them appropriately before bed time have been shown to fall asleep easier than controls who do not. Furthermore, the hot tubs San Bernardino dealers offer can provide soothing relief for those who suffer from difficult-to-treat arthritis and similar inflammatory conditions. A pilot study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has even shown that those with type 2 diabetes may have an easier time managing their blood sugar levels if they make regular use of hot tubs.

"Whether for therapeutic use or simple relaxation," Garvey continued, "a new hot tub is one of the best, most useful, and most enjoyable improvements any homeowner can make to their property. At San Bernardino Hot Tubs, we select and stock only the top tubs and related products, and provide the most expert advice available about which will best suit particular needs."

The company's expertise with hot tubs extends beyond the impressive backgrounds of its founders. In ramping up to serve the general public, it has made sure to choose for its staff only those employees with similar levels of knowledge and expertise regarding hot tubs, something that can not be said of the other hot tub dealers San Bernardino hosts. Because of this uncompromising selectiveness, as well as the parallel rigor with which it vets the products it carries and its commitment to unbeatable service and prices, representatives of the company are confident that it will quickly grow to dominate the market in the area.

About San Bernardino Hot Tubs
The creation of a team of industry veterans with unmatched collective experience, San Bernardino Hot Tubs aims to become the top provider in the area. It is committed to delivering the best product selection, service, and expertise anywhere in the region and expects to grow aggressively.

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