Enough for the Government's Confiscation Activities: How to Defeat Civil Forfeiture Cases

There is a search for a fairer system when it comes to civil forfeiture cases. Douglas Taylor Criminal Defense Attorney in Tucson, Arizona, provides relentless criminal defense committed to protecting one’s freedom and rights.


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 05/09/2014 --The report of Institute for Justice showed civil forfeit proceeds, which climbed seventy- five percent (75%) between 2003 and 2010, despite a decrease in crime. Likewise, civil forfeiture cases lifted to 6,851cases and one of those is Rochelle Bing’s.

In 2013, Bing saw how sadly civil forfeiture laws are when the only property she has was seized as a result of the criminal case charged against her daughter for selling 8 packets of crack cocaine to an undercover informant inside Bing’s house. It was really a heartbreaking story for her. According to her, her predicament might seem implausible if not unjust. Bing, who was neither accused nor convicted became a victim of civil asset forfeiture because of another’s misdeeds. Prosecutors seeking civil forfeitures face a much lower standard, unlike the “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” because technically, the property is named as the defendant- not the owner.

In most cases, the government has access to a process known as civil forfeiture. As pursuant to law, civil forfeiture is a form of confiscation of assets (money convertible economic resource which represents value of ownership) by the state. It is alleged proceeds or instrumentalities of crime, which evidently drop the number of crimes.

As an action for any seized private property, the government will sell it. This property is perhaps believed as something that has been used for illegal purposes or obtained using funds obtained illegally. Eventually, the government will seize the proceeds from the sale of such property to fund some of its activities.

For some people, most especially to the average person and the benefactors, it might be a good news. However for someone whose property was improperly seized by the government, it never happens to be a good one.

As for Criminal Defense Tucson Attorney, anything seized by the government might still have a chance for reclaiming. For them, experienced and guaranteed lawyer is capable of establishing one’s innocence as truly not a guilty owner. Also, with a reliable lawyer, the defendant’s property that was not purchased with illegally obtained funds or used in any crime would not be easily taken away by the government.

Stories like Bing’s are increasingly more common as other jurisdictions which have embraced the expansive power of forfeiture as a crime-fighting tool. However, for the defendants, consulting a reliable lawyer is the best action to make the best possible defense. Moving forward, working with good lawyers will take anyone else to be as intelligent as the government.

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