Slava Valiev Looks to Garner Support via Indiegogo to Introduce Flicker, the Smart Cup with Solar Cells

Flicker is a new age of glassware. This is an amazing product for home parties, events, bars and night clubs.


Hong Kong -- (SBWire) -- 05/20/2014 --Flicker is a new age of glassware. This revolutionary product is for home parties, entertainments, bars and night clubs. It is a different way to look at the favorite cocktails and other drinks. Flicker is a really smart cup. When one takes the cup, it recognizes the hand and shines from the hand touch. The smart-touch technology makes it possible to turn on interactive light when someone takes the cup and turn off when the cup is put down.

The production of the Flicker combines several types of high-tech technologies. It provides users a great opportunity to drink their favorite cocktails and beverages in a different way. Flicker is a fashionable accessory which adds greatly to the feel of any holiday, thematic party, drinking party or critical event.

Flicker is a nice product to use in night clubs or bars to emphasize and individualize the style of an establishment. Flicker is also an amazing gift for the family and friends - a gift that can be used for all occasions and appreciated by everyone. It creates a homelike and holiday atmosphere.

Flicker is charged with solar cells that are mounted in a bottom of the cup. Users just need to turn it upside down and the battery starts charging. Thanks to its high technology solar cells, users just need to charge it for three to four hours in the day light and use it within 2-3 (two or three) months without additional recharging. The re-chargeable battery is not replaceable. The current battery life span is approximately 10 years.

The funding target for this project is $70,000.

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