Insurance Claims Specialists Publishes Free Insurance Jargon Busting E-Book

Anyone who visits the site will now be able to get access to their helpful guide to insurance terminology, helping people to better understand and navigate the insurance market.

Houston, TX -- (SBWire) -- 05/27/2014 --Spring is, paradoxically, the peak season for a hailstorm, with the change in atmospheric pressure turning high altitude water vapor into ice crystals which increase in size as they fall, causing significant damage to property and possessions. Summer on the other hand is tornado season, which comes with a very different set of dangers. In all cases however, many affected by these natural disasters do not want to think about the many complexities involved in filing an insurance claim, and instead want to move on with repairing and rebuilding their lives. can help take the pressure off these people, and has now published a new jargon busting guide to insurance terms available free to all visitors.

The glossary of insurance terms includes all of the most common and complex insurance terminology found in policies to help people pick through the legalese and translate it into plain English. In doing so, they gain a fair better understanding of their entitlements and what they can claim for should the worst happen. has made the book freely available to help people see the depth of their expertise and start them on a journey toward making a more successful claim. With, individuals can get the maximum possible from their damage claim and far more than they could alone.

A spokesperson for explained, "Your insurance policy is, in reality, a financial contract. If you have no experience fighting and defending financial contracts, based on claims results nationwide, you run a 90% risk of not being fully indemnified for your damages. You can file a lawsuit yourself, but why would you if you don't understand the law process. Instead you hire an attorney (a contract specialist). Also, be careful. Your "independent adjuster" is not "independent" at all. He or she is hired by the insurance company to protect the insurance companies interests. We provide our clients with someone that will protect their interests, not the insurance company's interest."

The Claims Specialists at work tirelessly to improve the insurance claim outcome and experience for thousands of clients every year. The company strives to help people get the maximum amount possible from their damage claims resulting from fire, flood and hail damage, hurricanes and tornadoes, or even theft and vandalism. For more information please visit:

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