Old Junk Cars: The New Apple of the Eye of Car Thieves

The belief that only new model cars are being stolen is a total myth. Car thieves are exploring their markets and are now investing more time and effort in stealing old junk cars for they can get more value from them.


Coconut Creek, FL -- (SBWire) -- 05/27/2014 --Nowadays, old cars like Delray Beach junk cars are also subject to stealing. In fact, these cars are most likely to be stolen as compared to the new ones.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), the most stolen used cars as of 2012 are the 1996 Honda Accord, 1998 Honda Civic, 2006 Ford F-150 Pickup, 1996 Chevrolet Pickup Full Size, 1991 Toyota Camry, 2000 Dodge Caravan, 2004 Dodge Pickup Full Size, 1994 Acura Integra, 1997 Nissan Altima, 1996 Nissan Maxima.

So why are old cars more attractive for thieves? It is because old cars are much easier to steal (as people might think they are too old for thieves) and their parts can be sold at higher prices more than the value of the car. Toyota and Honda cars, for example, are durable models that have a good market each year, thereby increasing the opportunities for selling replacement parts.

In slow economies, people tend to keep their cars for a longer period of time. The demand for replacement parts in these countries are growing as well. And car theft for these old used cars is a growing “economy” for car thieves too.

NICB has the following advice on how to prevent old cars from being stolen:

Warning Device. Seeing a note saying “This car is armed with anti-theft device” can help discourage the thieves. And really installing a warning device like a car alarm would scare the hell out of these car thieves. A steering wheel lock or a tire claw will help to have an additional security for the car.

Engine Lock. Old cars can have a kill switch installed on it as protection. This switch can be hidden somewhere which the owner can easily access it but would be harder for the perpetrator to find. Newer model cars and trucks have this system built-in where the vehicle can only be started using a precise matching key.

Practice the Most Practical Measures. Always lock the car and choose a parking lot which is well lighted and never ever leave the keys inside the car.

And of course, if one thinks that his old junk car is already for disposal, it would be best to sell them in a reliable car junk removal company who can provide the best pricing rather than have a car theft benefit from it.

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