Innovative Medical Crowdfunding Campaign Begins for Med Manipulator

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 05/30/2014 --The creator of Med Manipulator, the world’s best tool for assisting hospital staff in moving patients in and out of bed, is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative medical crowdfunding campaign.

The Med Manipulator is a sophisticated yet elegant piece of equipment that promises to revolutionize the nursing industry and improve the quality of care that nurses and doctors are able to provide. Patients will also benefit from the introduction of the Med Manipulator, as they will experience the freedom to move without having to request help from medical staff.

In the current system, moving patients in and out of bed is a costly endeavor that consumes time and resources. However, with the implementation of the Med Manipulator, hospitals will be able to become significantly more efficient, reducing the costs of moving patients and the labor necessary to do so by 50 percent or more.

The creator of the Med Manipulator is seeking $75,000 to begin a company in the United States that would produce a type of universal manipulator, as well as accessory equipment, with the goal of improving the quality of care for patients confined to a bed. A portion of the money would be invested in production costs, while the majority would go towards securing a $500,000 loan from a European bank to cover startup costs.

The Med Manipulator has enormous potential and could become a commonplace tool in nearly every hospital. Med Manipulator has already released their product in Russia, and officials there have stated that the company could be worth more than $1 billion in five years or less. If Med Manipulator achieves the same success in the United States as it is projected to in Russia, the company could reap profits of $200 million or more each year.

Right now is the perfect time to participate in this medical crowdfunding campaign because shares are selling for the very affordable price of $1 per share, with a minimum purchase of 200 shares. If Med Manipulator takes off in the United States, investors will see a very healthy return for the money they have spent.

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Med Manipulator is a revolutionary device that allows hospital staff to efficiently move patients in and out of bed for daily exercises, bathroom trips, and more. The Med Manipulator promises to significantly reduce the amount of labor and costs associated with patient care. For more information, please visit

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