Air Knife Goes Green: A New Innovation in Tree Care

Air knife becomes a break in tree care. For the first time, man can now work with the part of the tree that’s buried underneath – where 90% of the tree’s health problems arise.


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWire) -- 06/09/2014 --Air knives are usually used in manufacturing or as the initial step in a recursive recycling process to segregate lighter or smaller particles from other component. This is far from being environmental.

In tree care, air knife is a tool that makes use of compressed air to safely dig the soil without damaging the roots. This technology was first developed by the US Military to get rid of land mines. The air knife transforms compressed air from a portable air compressor to a supersonic jet-stream through the use of its specially engineered nozzle. The ground is penetrated by this finely concentrated stream of air to a depth of nearly 30cm and can be aimed to crumble and shoot the tool as fast as the operator maneuver the tool. The fact that tree roots, rocks and pipelines are not porous, soil can be quickly dug – without damaging these structures.

On a study which involves the excavation of 5,000 root collars, specialists found out that 99% of the trees need serious corrective work. Specialists found that there are tons of girdling roots that are planted too deep. This causes roots to grow abnormally and over time, usually within 10 – 20 years these roots surround the trunk as the tree grows in diameter. These girdling roots can be easily detected by an air knife making it easy to get rid of.

Aside from the girdling roots, the excavation also shows that most of the trees are planted without removing the synthetic twine, synthetic burlap or wire baskets. This stresses the tree for this hinders the growth of the roots which may affect the growth of the trunk as well. This break through amazed farm and property owners for they are now aware of what is happening on their tree’s root system and at the same time arborists are gaining knowledge on this innovation.

Air knives make it much safer for workers to work with underground utilities. Workers use the tool to locate gas and power lines prior to digging; this assures that the tree is free from any kind of hazard when it is planted on the area.

Since then air knife has been an important tool in tree care. Man can now ventilate large areas of soil and incorporate organic matter without harming the roots. Organic matter is essential for soils to come alive with biological activity and processes. Once this is done, results truly are rewarding, trees will only require less maintenance while giving an even more beautiful appearance.

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